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  1. Wow! Nice work. Best dashboard I've seen.
  2. Pickup bed is complete and In place. Just a few more details and I'll call this one done.
  3. Thanks Matt! Unrealistic for sure, but having fun building it. 👍🏽
  4. A bit more progress. I've gotten the body painted and a few details done. Just need to do some detail on the bed and some paint touch-up.
  5. Got a little more progress. Lick of paint on the frame and fenders. Installed the engine, drive train, suspension and wheels. Headers are a bit off kilter, but too late now. Was thinking I should have shortened them too and try to run side pipes, but I'm getting lazy. Also, added a custom shifter.
  6. Nice job! Be careful you don't get a ticket though, for no plate, LOL.
  7. Nice job on that! Love the front end. I half expect to see a shark tooth grill. Looking forward to seeing this progress to completion.
  8. So, after much patching, sanding & priming, followed by more patching, sanding and priming, I think I have the body where I want it. I'm fairly happy with how the fender and running boards turned out, so moving on to getting the engine and drivetrain synced up. Firewall turned out well. All primed up and ready for color. going to go with metallic green for the upper body and pickup bed, then gold for the fenders and frame.
  9. Mike F.

    Buick GS

    Coming along g nicely. Great color. Fine job on the engine and Interior.
  10. I like the restoration job you did. If I had not seen the pics, I would not know any work was done on the rear fender wells. Only problem is, now what to do with the Ranchero!
  11. Looks like a nice kit to work with. Are there two spares? One each side?/
  12. A bit of an update for anyone who's interested. So, I got the wheels and tires selected and together. I went with some 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass rims I had left over because I thought they would look good. I had some Cragar SS rims, but decided against. Still need to raise the rear a bit, but looks like it is coming together. I modified the rear suspension to be a leaf spring design and used a modified rear end / axle. - still a little work to do here though. I kept the front suspension. Front tires are not as wide as the rear, so fit under the fenders with
  13. I decided to remove the spare tire well and fill it in. A bit of putty work to follow. I removed the hood and panels from the body front and added a firewall from an extra one that I cut down. More putty work to come.
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