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  1. Its the first annual Memorial Day Weekend Sale at HobbyNutModels.com! Over 100 select in-stock kits are on sale for three days only. Please come visit and shop around! Click Here!
  2. I just wanted to add that I have gotten in well over 100 new/used (NOS) car models in the last few weeks! Come check out my store! You can click on either "Plastic Models" or "Previously Owned" to get to them. https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/
  3. Right now in Middle Tennessee area, the two hobby shops are not geared toward plastic modelers, I am online only right now, but I stock more than both others put together. I do have plans to open a retail store in 2022, but online sales will be the primary business with the store secondary. I have been consulting with a few hobby shop owners that went out of business in the past, and I am trying to learn from their wisdom. The world is a different place and traditional hobby shops die out because they operate on principles of a pre-online world. I am trying to be smart on what is necessary to
  4. Right now it’s online only, my business license does not allow any visitors, however I will be opening a new retail location in early 2022.
  5. I’ll shamelessly self promote my store, www.hobbynutmodels.com I am a small growing business, I do this full time, not a second job for me. I carry both new and used model kits, I sell all the major kit manufacturers, Salvinos JR, Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima, Round 2, Moebius, AMT, ROG, Rev-Monogram, and a few more. I often bring things in from Europe or Asia for some harder to find kits in the US such as Aoshima and Fujimi. I also carry a full line of auto detailing accessories including, Gofer, Scale Motorsports, Detail Master, KA Models, Ken’s, MCG, Parts by Parks, and I just got
  6. Hello Everyone! Just a heads up, I received in a new load of used kits (some rare) that I will be uploading to my online store this week, as well as another batch of Nascar Kits from an out-of-state estate that will be here in a couple weeks. I also have another shipment of Salvinos JR kits coming later this week. Below is a list of kits I received into inventory in the last month, and more on the the way, keep checking in! Don't forget the forum discount above! 1/16 AMT/R2 '57 Thunderbird 1/20 Lindberg GMC Sonoma BaJa Racer 1/24 Aoshima 14 Lam
  7. I got it to to running and driving, but had to sell it when I moved, another guy painted it and finished it. Yes, it was an F5.
  8. The white dart was a project just to have a driver while I was working on the 68.
  9. Thank you! I built and painted everything on that car myself, took 8 years.
  10. Sadly, no. I had to sell my toys when we moved from TX to TN a couple years ago, and my knee and back just don’t allow me to build the 1/1 cars anymore. But the great thing about models, you can have many dream cars!
  11. Yes, that would work! Same wheels! I didn’t realize they made a model of that Mustang, thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, I am wanting to build my old car as a 1/25 th scale replica. I have the Revell Kit I need, but I can’t find the wheels and I need a lead on where to look, what kits might have had these wheels. The wheels were 94-2000 series Mustang bullitt style, 17x8 front and 17x10 rears. We’re there any kits done that had wheels like these I can use as a donor?
  13. They look amazing, are you going to build his earlier 70’s cars?
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