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  1. Those were Big cars back in the day and very comfy. Nice color looks really nice. Good job.
  2. I like that gray with the tan interior Michelle. Came out great.
  3. I checked the Tamiya putty I used on the hood snap openings on the body this morning and all looks well. The putty seems to be holding good after some initial sanding. Need to do some final sanding to get the hood to seat better but I think it worked out well.
  4. Yeah.....I remember that episode where Herman ran it down the track. Brings back some memories. Nicely done.
  5. Nice looking couple of Superbee's.
  6. Good looking Chevelle. The blue looks nice and your engine bay has nice detail work. Great job.
  7. Yeah, It will be a kewl Gasser. Just hope I can do it justice.
  8. Nice looking fastback. That blue just pops. Great job.
  9. What a great looking 41 Plymouth. I think the ride height looks pretty good. Nice job.
  10. Great looking Cuda James. I like the use of the silver sharpi on the trim. Love the green and black.
  11. Nice and clean looking 57 Zack. I like the interior. Great job.
  12. That looks awful. They lost money on all the extra plastic.
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