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  1. I knew better.....just wasn't thinking. Thanks man.
  2. I got to try out my makeshift spray booth this morning. It did a good job of blocking most of the wind as it was windy again today. I think the paint lied down a little better this time and the panel lines look pretty good. I guess I'll know for sure once I get the gloss coat on and see what the finished product looks like.
  3. Ok.....I just painted the Chevy Nova body and hood with the Ceramcoat Bridgeport Grey inside my makeshift spray booth outside. It did a good job of blocking the wind and the paint seem to lay down a little better this time around. Got a little bit of trash that blew in on the body. Should I let it dry, sand, and spray another coat? The door gaps are still dark this time so I guess I scribe'd the gaps deep enough.
  4. Welcome. Muscle cars are my thing as well along with Gassers.
  5. Welcome aboard. I found out quick that there are a lot of nice fellows with a lot of experience here to help.
  6. I started back after 40+ years and I can tell you the Revell 1956 Ford truck Foose addition is one of the nicer kits and trouble free.
  7. If its a knob, nut, bolt I'll use a tooth pic . if its the fan belt, seats, under the hood I'll use a brush. I use a permanent marker for some exterior/interior trim, and some gauges. The Molotow Chrome Markers are good for chrome touch up. I have a big magnifying glass clamped to a piece of metal that suspends it above my work bench so I'm looking down on my work hands free.
  8. Thanks Mike. So....or you drilling just deep enough for the plug wire to bottom out in the head or through the head like I am?
  9. I'd like to try the Tamiya compounds but I have used the NOVUS products. I really don't see any difference in the NOVUS products vs the Meguiar's products that I use on my 1:1 49 Chevy pickup. They both produce a slick high shine.
  10. I have the body, hood, and dash finish sanded and final prime. I'll let the paint cure for 24 hrs and tomorrow try out my makeshift spray booth. I'm hoping for better results this time around.
  11. I got the engine put together. I always seem to have a problem after drilling the holes in the heads of getting the plug wires to stay in the holes. I end up getting more glue on the wire and head than needed. Then I have to go back and touch up the wires, heads, and headers. Anyone have a good way of getting plug wires to stay in?
  12. I have this one setting on my work bench but it's not the next project. I'll be watching this build.
  13. Sweet ride. Love the color.
  14. Nice. Paint is killer.
  15. Looks great man. I have one setting on my work bench waiting to be built.
  16. Just thought I would give an update on the cracked windshield I had in my kit. I contacted Revell about a month ago about a replacement and never heard anything so I never thought anymore about it. Well....today the replacement windshield showed up. I have to say, Reveal came through and they seem to stand behind their product.
  17. On our way to Oklahoma (OSU) and spotted this on the back of a car hauler.
  18. Here's the 55 from Two Lane blacktop.
  19. I'm still working with my paint process and mine looked like yours my first time around. I went ahead and stripped the paint to try again. I'm not sure about your process but I think my paint was to thick and I didn't give the gloss enough time to cure. More wet sanding would probably take more of the orange peel out but in my case I ended up burning through some of the edges.
  20. Wecome Mark. Whatya workin on?
  21. Nice. I like the Hemi in the 55. It's something you don't normally see.
  22. Ok fellows....here is my makeshift spray booth. I had the wife bring home a couple boxes and within 10 min this morning I had a paint booth. Granted this is nothing fancy and it is only temporary. I paint outside so I just needed something to block the wind so I can work on perfecting my paint skills. I doubled up some paper towels and tapped to the back to catch the paint.
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