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  1. I hear ya Bob. That's the issue I'm having. It is really think and nothing wants to fit inside.
  2. Welcome to the forum Joseph. I've only built one Monster truck and that was the AMT HOTWHEELS. Totally modified with a 66 Chevy body.
  3. It is. Still a lot of clean up in all the corners. The problem is the inside. It is way to small.
  4. Thanks. That's just primer on the body. The paint in the bottle is the topcoat.
  5. Got the Dremel tool out with a sanding drum and started cleaning up the body. I got the pan to fit inside the body pretty good. Still a lot of work that needs to be done.
  6. Looking really nice. I like how the air breathers are tucked up against the firewall nice an tight.
  7. It was 42°, 85% humidity, damp, and cold outside this morning but in the garage it was 67° and the humidity was at 41%. So, I got after it and got the 41 in primer. I picked up a little trash on the fenders but that will sand out. Looking pretty good.
  8. Well....I have the body roughly sanded and it's starting to take shape. I did a trial fit of the floor pan and it looks like I'm going to have to break out the Dremel as the pan will not slide all the way back. This resin body is pretty thick and going to take a lot of work.
  9. Just a Great job on the Butch Leal California Flash Duster Roger. Very nice workmanship.
  10. I hear ya Bill. Do you have pics posted here of your 68 Chevelle and the 70 El Camino?
  11. Great start on the 67 Camaro. The shocks look Great.
  12. That's looking the part there James.
  13. I think I have settled in on a color. Last night I figured out that I wanted a dark color so this morning I took a look at my paint stash in the house and found what I needed. The bottle has been opened but I don't even remember what this paint was used on. This is the Tamiya XF-63 German Grey acrylic paint so it will go on flat until I hit it with the X-22 clear. Under directions from Tamiya's modeling team I have been using off the shelf lacquer thinner to thin their acrylic paints and it's been working out.
  14. Pretty good looking 66 Ford pickup plow truck. I'd hate to get it out in the snow and get it dirty. Nice job.
  15. I'm diggin it James. I've never built a Dragster before. Pretty kewl looking.
  16. Nice looking 66 Chevelle. I remember my buddy having one back in the day.
  17. Very sharp looking Olds. Nice build.
  18. Haha....I know what you mean Roger. Same here. I probably should have stuck to plastic myself.
  19. Thanks Bill. Yeah, I knew there was going to be some extra work just by looking at it.
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