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  1. Congrats sir! A perfect rendition of a beautiful race car. What are the engines like on this kit relative to the generic stuff they have on their 70's GM offerings?
  2. Unbelievable, amazing achievement. The challenge of transforming a stock Corvette into this iconic Grand sport racer is one I would not be capable to meet, but you definitively have. You deserve a nice OOB build to recuperate from this one. I salute you sir!
  3. Looks like this one has been quite the challenge. I look forward to seeing the final result of such an iconic car.
  4. Beautiful build. I am still amazed on how you managed such huge decals.
  5. Beautiful work turning this super basic AMT one piece interior into this beautiful race cockpit. Lots of great detailing.
  6. I like the color Mark. I look forward to see what you do with the body. Personally I have not been successful with more silver than blue in the mix. I have done more like 3 blue 1 silver mixes. Suggest you test on a scrap body first. I started testing with the metal medium which shows potential. I look forward to see your work on finishing the body of the car.
  7. Thank you for showing this car. Not a paint theme I would dare try at my skill level but it encourages me to buy future releases with liveries I can manage. I have built 2 MCs from Salvinos and was not impressed. I have one Olds still in the box with little interest to build. This one Iooks like a big step up from previous offerings.
  8. Thanks for showing your safety belt components. This is like a tutorial on how to make them with styrene. very cool. Did you paint the interior with Vallejos?
  9. Coming along beautifully my friend. Love the engine. Love what you are doing with the interior considering the extreme simplicity of the kit parts to start with. You inspire me to buy one of these kits but I would not dare trying such an elaborate conversion. Maybe a Zo6 racer...
  10. What a wonderful inspiring build. I have tried weathering a race car before but your's really sets the bar for future efforts. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Congratulations for another perfect build. Do you polish your paint? The finish is remarquable!
  12. Best to try it on a sample part. They keep changing the name of it. My bottle purchased 4 years ago is called Pledge Floor Care. If instructions on your bottle says not to use water and just squirt and mop it's probably the right stuff
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