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  1. Very prolific I love dioramas I’d like to see yours not sure if you’ve posted them before
  2. That’s pretty cool your builds are fun. It seems you post a car a day that’s a lot of building wish I was building as much. How many builds are in you collection. keep it up Charlie.
  3. Hello everyone. Built this for a living diorama I’m still working on. Hope you like it thanks Charlie
  4. Thanks guy. I’d like to see some other folks builds of this kit and see how they had dealt with the issues I had. There’s not a lot of these builds posted on line.
  5. Hello all my first gasser build done box stock. Not the best fitting kit which I’m sure many of you know. Hope you like it. Thanks charlie
  6. Done very well I’m practicing how to be more subtle with the rust effect and will study this build as an example. Thanks
  7. So nice I want one of those kits so bad
  8. Thanks guys appreciate it. I’ve done 5 rusted attempts but I do think this is my most accurate can’t wait to try it again just not sure what kit I want to do. I want to work on being a bit more subtle with the rust. Thanks again
  9. Hello all. Another curbside build mostly wanted to practice on doing a patina look I like the outcome hope you do too thanks Charlie
  10. Thanks guys for all the great input I’ll be doing some reading up before jumping into this build. I do plan on using a nascar truck series kit but have to do some research on them too and see which would be the best fit as far as detail and what not. Thanks again charlie
  11. Hello all, I’m looking to build a salt flats pickup using the moebius 65 custom cab and want to kit bash with a nascarkit. I’ve never built a race car so not really sure which direction to go in. Any help on a nascar kit to use for suspension, roll cage,etc. any builders here can give some pointers would be appreciated. Thank you and if anyone here has built a salt flats pickup I’d like to see them. Thanks again Charlie b
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