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  1. David, thank you for sharing your painting technique using nail polish. I will definitely be giving it a try in the near future.
  2. Very nice job! I have this kit on the shelf waiting to be built. If you don't mind me asking, can you give some detail on how you applied the fingernail polish? What type of thinner did you use? Number of coats, etc.? It turned out beautiful!
  3. First, I sprayed the tires with a thin coat of Testor's dullcote. Then I found a deep socket that fit snugly inside the tire, put the socket in my cordless drill and then spun the tire while holding some 120 grit sandpaper on it to scuff it up and give it that "used" look.
  4. Be careful with the decals as they tear easily. Especially the red along the bottom of the body. Also, I had to shave some off the main body in front of the engine to get it to sit back far enough and mate up flush with the 2 side panels on each side of the driver's cage.
  5. Very nice build. The detail on that engine is just amazing!
  6. My version of Don Prudhomme's 1/25 Wynn's Winder. I found this kit to be somewhat challenging due to vague assembly instructions in some of the steps and the fact that the decals had a tendency to tear. I know it's not the most accurate representation of the real dragster but I just built it box stock.
  7. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone
  8. Thanks! I used Tamiya TS-15 Blue straight from the can.
  9. Finished this one a while back. Had some issues with warpage on the hood from this AMT kit but other than that I think it turned out pretty good.
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