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  1. Very nice clean build of a cool subject Marty! I’m in awe of builders like you who make their own decals- did you use a special printer (Alps?) to make these decals or just a common ink jet printer? Love that you can personalize them (“Marty’s Speed & Machine”). I also love early/ mid 60’s SS because they were so much closer to street cars than later years and I can also imagine most of these Jr stockers were driven to the strip (as well as work/ school/ church/ grocery store!). I agree with the previous post - more pics please (chassis and under hood). I have a set of the Fred Cady 5
  2. Incredibly beautiful paint work, look’s like it came out of Larry Watson’s paint shop. You’ve mastered the airbrush in one model build!
  3. I just ordered a 2nd one of these kits in fear of them disappearing and/or shooting up in $$$. I also ordered the Lee Smith decals for this car (actually his was a Belvedere - Satellite vs Belvedere trim diff seems really subtly to me, especially on de-trimmed drag cars?). Fremont Racing Specialties offers a reasonably priced set of the Lee Smith decals and Joe does fabulous decals, just wanted to pass this option by you while you decide which way to go. Engine start looks good! Looking forward to watching your progress on this one.
  4. Hi Bob, I identify with your car model paint struggles. After years of painting aircraft/ ship/ armor model subjects, I dove into car modeling a few years ago and experienced the steep learning curve of “shiny” - it’s HARD! I’m still learning but have settled in on two methods that seem to work best for me. I prime everything with either Tamiya light grey fine lacquer primer unless the final color is white or light, then I use Tamiya white lacquer primer. If there’s a Tamiya rattle can color that works for the subject In doing, I use that for the base color and clear coat it with Tamiya T
  5. Beautiful build of a magnificent car! I can see this one parked on the greens at Pebble Beach. Well done!
  6. Love these topless funnies, a short period in FC evolution (‘66-‘67?). Did you use the Speed City resin set for this build? I wonder if it might not be too much work to convert the recent Moebius AWB ‘65 Ply Golden Commando kit into this topless version? Cut off the roof, add a sheet of Evergreen styrene and a long diagonal cut section of styrene tubing?... Your build made me search for other topless FC’s on this forum, only came up with John Teresi’s beautiful Flying Dutchman and amazing Beach City ‘Vette builds. Anyone ever build a topless Canuck Nova? Thank you Dave for pulling th
  7. Michelle, I commend you on this and other recent “modeling outside of the box” postings. You are doing some really creative scratch building and kit bashing, a nice break from the rivet counting obsession some scale modelers pursue (and most of us fail at!). I knew nothing about “Hot Wheel Accelracers” but your funny description about the special tires made me laugh and led to a Google search. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Darn that’s purdee. Love the vintage Halibrand wheels, very cool old school look. You sir have impeccable taste as well as amazing fab & paint skills.
  9. Hey Jeff, awesome collection of AWB A/FXer’s/ match racers. I just joined MCM forum in March and missed your Dec postings, so I’m glad they came back to the top of the finished drag cars listings so I could check them out - nice collection! We have similar taste although my favorites are SS’ers between ‘60 - ‘65 before they started to morph into funny cars. I’ve completed 14 over the last few years and have another 10-12 in my stash which I hope to complete unless burn-out sets in. I have a resin ‘62 Ford Galaxy light weight and Brannan’s “Bronco” AWB ‘65 Mustang on the bench now and hope to
  10. Hey Gareth, really love this very well executed stock build of this classic ‘64 Ply kit, super clean, amazing foil work, beautiful interior with an amazing dash, period correct beautiful metallic blue. I built the AMT “Lawman” SS version of this kit and agree with you that it’s a joy to build and more realistic looking IMO than the ‘64 Dodge version. And your natural light photos are actually pretty good. Thanks for posting!
  11. Hey Niko, thanks for the details on your plastic rod header fabrication method. It sounds very similar to the solder technique but I like the finished appearance you got on your Ply gasser build, I’ll have to give it a try. Unless I’m doing a kit that’s molded as a drag version, I’m finding that scratch building headers, even with solder, is a lot quicker than trying to use/ modify existing headers from another kit in my parts box.
  12. Thanks Brian & Bainford. Dang! Had no idea about the AMT competition parts pack, looks like a much better option than the T-Bird funny car for an Allison. Price is about the same on evilBay - seems like everything is $50 with shipping these days. Wonder if prices will be this high when model swap meets start up again?....
  13. Has anyone built this kit and posted any photos of the finished build? I’m thinking of locating one for the Allison V-12 engine (the old AMT parts pack version?) and am wondering if there are any other usable drag parts that can be salvaged from this Model King re-issue. I’ve read that the Thunderbird chassis portion of the kit is a real turkey.. thanks, John
  14. Hey Bob - Just in case you haven’t considered them, here are two excellent kits that could be used as a basis for vintage gasser builds: 1. Revell’s recent ‘50 Olds coupe, modern tooling, builds like a Tamiya, looks totally accurate IMO when done. I built the Mexican road race version because of the cool decals but hope to do a gasser version some day with mild mods to the suspension, engine and adding some narrow rear slicks. 2. The AMT ‘49 Ford “Gasman”kit: This kit is from old molds but the re-issue is excellent and includes a lot of nice vintage drag par
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