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  1. Well I'm getting toward the end of this build and so the little mistakes are showing up. I have just started adding the front suspension and while replacing it with brass wire and plastic rod was a better choice than trying to use the kit parts. Adding them showed that the holes I drilled in the body to add in the steering links are all in the wrong places and nothing will line up. I'm in two minds about how I should proceed. Either I try and bodge something acceptable or I leave the linkages off, suffer the three tiny holes and the inaccuracy and move on. I'm kind of lea
  2. Thanks guys, glad you like it so far. Codi - I used Tamiya TS-34 Camel Yellow over Tamiya pink primer, both from rattle cans. While I like the colour I think something a bit more yellow like TS-47 Chrome Yellow would be closer to the real deal. I wish I had more reference for this vehicle, I'm more used to tanks and such and having tons of reference to go by. IHTH. Dan
  3. I spent all day Saturday at the bench putting the decals on. I don't get along well with decals and these were pretty brittle and broke apart in a few places. I found that there were some rough finish in some areas of the decals like there was some 'grit' mixed in with the ink. They also didn't respond to any of the decal solutions I threw at them. In the end good old hot water and heated pads for soft paper towel worked the best to get them to conform and lay flat. I then spent much of today laying thin coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over the top. This seems to have worked out pretty well a
  4. Super looking! The purple and white paint scheme really pull the whole thing together and so period accurate. I very much like your front spoked wheels, they look neat. I'm looking forward to how you tackle the lettering and decals/details. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
  5. Thank you Dragcarz. I'm enjoying the ride so far. Progress; Final check to see that everything fits before decaling . So Far so good. The yellow came out better than I had hoped and has three thin coats of TS-13 on top and is the best finish I haven't polished out. I'm a bit concerned to top coat over the decals with TS-13 as I have heard bad things can happen.. I'll have to see how I go. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  6. Thank you Marcos for your kind encouragement. I am having a lot of fun . Progress; I have been working on all bits of the model but wanted to get the motor finished to keep the mojo going. Rough as and not too accurate but I think it will look okay once I get the body on. Still a long way to go but most of the hard bits are done and the body is almost ready for primer. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  7. I haven't built a kit like this for years and years. In fact back in the Testor's tube glue age, in a time before CA glues existed. But after reading through a lot of posts here I was inspired to give it a go. I chose the Wynn's Winder as a first subject because I have always liked FED's. Not too sure about what I'm doing but having a lot of fun. My primary goal is to build straight, square and clean. This makes quite a change from my usual fair of tanks and planes where a lot can be hidden with a bit of weathering. With that in mind I plan to build as much as I can in sub assembli
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