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  1. That’s one nice lookin car. Love the color combo with the wood grain
  2. Good progress on the frames today, and I got most of the suspension painted base aluminum, next step is to detail it all.
  3. I usually think of shocks and struts as an after thought, however as detailed as this suspension is in this kit I decided to try and upgrade the struts a little. I start by painting them flat aluminum, then drill a small hole at the top of the coil, then thread some small gauge wire through the hole and tightly wind the wire down the coils. Then cut the top of the wire and slowly unscrew it off the strut. Sand the original coils off and paint the inside black, then slide the wire coil back over it and glue it in place. It’s not crazy detailed like making them from scratch with styrene rod, I’v
  4. I was just looking at that, and revell has better brakes, I have a set of revell gts and rt/10 wheels, but my revell rt/10 is a complete car, how ever the gts is not, so I might swap those onto the rt/10. I also have a set of 2009 ZR1 wheels from revell that would look good on the gts.
  5. Ok, so I have decided to build two vipers simultaneously. I have a GTS coupe and RT/10 roadster, I figured if I’m gonna go through the steps of building one why not do two at a time. They are basically the same car other than the roof, I have started assembling the frames and getting them straight, the RT/10 came molded in yellow, not sure how that affects the plastic but it is a bit more ridged than the grey plastic, so not as many warped parts on that one. Both cars have some very heavy mold lines, now that the frames are glued together I’m going to clean up the joints and mold lines hopeful
  6. That’s a really good looking car, I like that color, I’m torn between viper steel grey, and 2002’s dark sapphire, I do know I want to do a brown interior
  7. The AMT viper gts has clear headlights, I can’t seem to get one of these that doesn’t have a warped frame, and a huge gap between the bumper and hood, how did you prevent that from happening I have tried several time just never can seem to get it right. You built a very nice car to say the least, I especially like the orange lettering on the hood
  8. I believe the Penske 66 corvette is basically the same kit, I just got one of these eBay, and now that you mention it I notice it doesn’t have wipers either but does have the holes for them, i think I’m going to rob some from an old revell 58 corvette I have, I didn’t use them on the car itself and their also pre bent to fit the windshield, I also have seen some photo etched wipers from model car garage, though I have never used them myself, I think the arms are separate from the blades and you can trim them to fit properly
  9. I have decided to give this kit another shot, I swear it’s like Eleanor was to Randal Rains in gone in 60 seconds, for me. I’ve attempted to build this model half a dozen times before but it always has a fatal flaw either the body won’t fit the chassis, the frames are warped, the suspension is to far forward in the front and to far back in the rear, the hood is at least an 8th inch away from the bumper, there’s always a ton of flash, needless to say I have a good amount of these things in my parts bin. But on a positive note I have managed to piece together the very best parts to have a good s
  10. I picked this charcoal set up at hobby lobby it has a few different types of charcoal and soft lead, the soft charcoal is also good for grating into a powder and toning down interiors
  11. I picked the needles with a toothpick and red paint and for the numbers I used a lead pencil
  12. Finished!!! I’ve been a bit busy lately but I was able to put the finishing touches on this corvette, no on to my next project thinking of either a revell 69 yenko camaro or the AMT 1970 split bumper camaro, I also recently acquired a 66 Penske corvette, but I think I want to give corvettes a rest for a little bit
  13. Thanks, I wanted to do a subtle stripe, the decal sheet only came in black or white, the body color is dark driftwood metallic, and the stripe is medium charcoal grey, both dupli-color.
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