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  1. I have been waiting to see someone else do this before I get one myself. Will be following..
  2. Totally off topic, but I love your name 😆
  3. What is the difference between a "pro modeller" and a non pro modeller? Are they different moulds?
  4. I spy toes. Nice build! I really want to do a modern challenger at some point, but I have never had any idea how to attack it. Thought silver or purple, but nothing seems original. Your colour choice is really nice though!
  5. I vote for white. I did a 68 z28 that was turquoise with a white interior. Looked pretty sharp in terms of colours.
  6. This is nuts. I love it! I like how it is a sort of modern-ised version of the classic body (my opinion). Honestly, if this was cast in resin, I would buy it instantly. Super cool! "She is one well endowed lady"- Scotty
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