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  1. So i have a gaping hole in the firewall and you guys rave about how great this kit is. Some have even bought this lousy kit. Fool and their money soon parted.
  2. Whats the gaping hole in the firewall for?
  3. Its a geometry issue. The flat side of the cam comes around and wedges the lifter. Doesnt matter how much goop is on the cam.
  4. Yea, you guys are right, great $12 kit. Gotta love these fenders. Spend $40 and get a tamiya, worth every penny.
  5. I dont see that those decals are available.
  6. Anyone make a plastic kit of a C8.r or decals. 1/24
  7. Even with the better fitting lifters, there are no cam bearings so the cam flops around and jambs the lifters.
  8. Perfect, now that you are on a roll, what is a blue paint, can or jar, that is a close match available in most hobby stores?
  9. Does anyone make the kin miles decals (#1 with white stripes) for the 1:24 gt-40?
  10. no way to lube. Thats not the problem. Too much force on lifters. Pushes them past the lobe on the lifter and causes them to jamb up.
  11. Engine is wrong too. 283's had camel hump heads.
  12. Any tricks to making this kit actually work? Seems like the valve springs are too stiff causing the lifters to jamb up at the cam. I have the newer non-motorized crank version. Anyone make parts to convert to motorized version with lights.
  13. Sure i can make it work with craftsmanship but you can tell the molds are prehistoric. Lots of parts not numbered, parts dont fit correctly, instructions are wrong, ie ...calling out the water pump as chrome, its not. Other then that its a great kit, lol. Guess i have been spoiled with modern kits made via cnc and edm.
  14. This is a lousy kit. I would not recommend it to anyone.
  15. Here is the one iam going to build. I did have a gt-40 in the late 60's. That hsd function hoods. Think it was molded in maroon.
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