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  1. WIP 1/10 71 Formula 455 H.O. 3D pla printed from creations3 printer. Body only.. using 1/12 Otaki 455 H.O. trans am parts.. narrowed the chassis.. fire wall.. .. sub frame from a 1/16 kit.A few 1/16 dashes were cut to make this 1/10 dash . Plexiglass and filler for interior panels.some seat work.. front end is flip nose.. 455 h.o. 4 spd non ac with twin carbs. Detailing to the max. Plugs wires fuel and brake lines .. tan flocking carpet... And it will have a vinyl tan top.. emissions decals along with center cap decals.. hood and all decals custom.. Metal honeycomb rims.. With valve s
  2. Trophy series.. id believe the re issue would be as the other turbo.. And the 79 10th Anniversary is.. after the Trophy series . Some with out carpet and lights or the base. The decals on the other turbo release I use.. They are the closest to my 80 turbo 1:1
  3. 1 of 999 triple 9 collection. #3 1 of custom. Cameo white with Camel tan interior.. gold decals from the Turbo.Firebird. . Detailed.. emissions decals.. seat belts.. plugs wires.. brake and fuel lines.. Above all.. it matches my 1:1. The real car is a hard top.
  4. What do you need? I have a 79 10th anniversary and remnants of 2 trophy series trans am.. 1/16. Alot of Trans Am parts from other kits.. I've been collecting and building Pontiac cars and models most of my 50 yrs.
  5. I've done a few of those.. And the turbos..
  6. 1/18 metal body.. 1980 turbo trans am was burnt in a house fire 11 yrs ago.. With the help of a friend's donor car.. eBay and being lost in thought. I restored the car. Made the hood from shaker hood to turbo bulge.. GMP engines.. GTO engine could be 389 400 421...tri power with trans. Found a Boss 429 twin turbo from GMP. Took the turbo set up.. put it on the GTO engine ..and into the trans am ..again. And it fits nice and snug under the hood. Car is detailed with black velvet flocking.. floor mats.. metal wire trim.. molotow chrome.. door handle decals.. center cap decals.. and topped it of
  7. I will let you decide.. And why..
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