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  1. Nope, same - or at least, not perfectly even in that area. Had to hammer it for a review so I wasn't able to fill it.
  2. ZONDA! a w e s o m e. Wonder what's the 'Shima 2000GT bring that the old Hase don't...
  3. I mean I know I've quibbled a bit about the new-tool AMT '57 hardtop, but now that Revell has locked 2-dr sedans and the convertible, it might be high time for Round 2 to pick up the Nomad gauntlet...
  4. Ah, but ya see, you can't make that your GOAL! New tools can only happen entirely by surprise. I know. Got a Tamiya pre-built 1/12 288 GTO to force kit version, and a mint original '67 Cougar when rumors swirled Revell might be on the cusp of something new - and fate just laughed. 😐
  5. Oh sure, torpedoing a model dating from the Kennedy Administration proved to be the objective once the name-calling started, but it's a BIT of a walk from "I wouldn't recommend it to anyone" to "I hate it and so should you" in that first post. Again, easy to confuse with taking it all personally. This isn't anybody's mother the o p attacked. It was an old plastic kit. People can realize there's no objective reason to be annoyed by that and decide not to be. Or, they can take grave personal offense and then reverse-engineer a bunch of rationalizations to justify their personal attacks,
  6. No Sir - that's the 2-door post sedan, and AMT's is the hardtop. AMT mistakenly put a coral sedan on one of their boxings, but it was the new-tool hardtop inside. Nice finishing suggestion for the Revell sedan a few years ahead of time, 'n all... Not to overplay these, but one more shot. Metallic red on the left is the very sedan you linked, Roman Red on the right is the new-tool AMT hardtop:
  7. Sorry, Roger, can't get the link to work.
  8. But when Xingu rightfully brought up the notion of keeping some level of respect between forum members, you seemed to draw a straight equivalence between personal attacks and attacks on a kit: I mean, maybe that's not exactly what you meant, but you could see why some of us might be confused into thinking so, right? Fledgling modelers following this discussion will see properly framed refutations coming in hard and fast, complete with some handsome finished original-tool models to draw their own conclusions from. And while again things may not be exactly as they appear from your w
  9. HAH! The really funny bit is that now I'm hankerin' for another AMT original tool '57. Go figure. 😎
  10. 'Cause I just like the Revell sedan better from the cowl forward and I think its front clip would improve the new-tool AMT hardtop. Revell's front bumper is much better, and while we're at it, the Revell headlights look more to scale and the sedan's front wheel arch sweep seems a little closer too.
  11. And I'd like to thank you twice over for your kind feedback! As "Snake45" Richard pointed out earlier, it's actually Revell's latest glue-together sedan given the metallic red street machine treatment in those photos, which in fairness resembles a recent boxing of the Revell snapper. As Snake said, I'm not so hot on the snapper, but that doesn't mean it's a bad kit or that anyone should just skip it without giving it a good look. I'm gonna take Snake's point and refine it a bit: inaccuracy is actually in the eye of a ruler; how offensive inaccuracies are is what's in the eye of the behol
  12. THAT is COOL. Man, when I finally get around to hanging a Revell sedan front clip on my next new-tool AMT, that may be just the way I wanna do it! GREAT BUILD.
  13. My pleasure, Bill! Let's not forget these: The 'vert has a bit of an issue around the belt line "kink" as Keyser mentioned earlier but it's still more than serviceable.
  14. With all due respect, NO. Sorry. 'Cause that's what everybody's gonna do now. They're gonna take the exception starting this thread, try to make a rule out of it, and use it as a slippery slope excuse to dictate who says what about a given kit. I've got just as much business telling you to "stop reading if you don't like It" as any member here does telling another what to "end now". How would you like being on the receiving end of a presumption like that?
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