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  1. Nice job! Speaking of the T-34, you might want to give the films "Cross of Iron" (a Peckinpah film) and "White Tiger" (Russian film) a try sometime, if you haven't already. Here's a link to the "White Tiger" version with English subtitles, which I recommend over dubbed versions. This is a beautifully photographed film -
  2. Absolutely gorgeous stuff! I especially like the Jag, but all 3 are top-notch craftsmanship! (And 2 rooms? Your wife must be a saint.)
  3. Just want to thank everyone for the input! (And yes, it was the GA-based firm I was initially inquiring about!) Also thanks for the new resource, as I hadn't heard of scalehobbyist before!
  4. Andy's is just down the street from me (retail store AND new warehouse). I'm sure that by now I've made a fairly substantial contribution to his kid's college fund. But his first love is armor - he's kind of light on cars.
  5. I have this same kit purchased back in the 70s, and at that time it was kitted under the Revell name. Mine was going to be blown up by firecrackers in a Super-8 movie, but that didn't happen. I now use it to test weathering techniques on as well as paints, etc. Yours is a nice, clean build and I like the color!
  6. As anyone had experience (good or bad) ordering from Hobbylinc.com? I've come across a few comments from people who had long wait times for items that were supposed to be in stock. Thanks.
  7. Really nice! Love the color and overall look.
  8. Thanks! The moves weren't easy and the airlines didn't help much. ("I'm sorry, your luggage appears to have made an improper connection, but I'm sure it will enjoy its stay in Bangkok." I exaggerate, but only a wee little bit.) The truly amazing part is all of those years up in the attic - it's a wonder it didn't just melt into an amorphous glob of styrene. I'll be happy with the rubber band tracks after I fix the sag issue. The folks that design those 1,000 part individual link tracks must be sadists. Granted, they look great, but come on...
  9. Magnificent! The '63 Galaxie is just about one of my favorite cars of all time. As far as I can discern, this is a flawless build - just about as close to perfect as you can get!
  10. Nice job! I like the color scheme and the gold in the wheels works really well with the overall look.
  11. Thanks! I believe Shep Paine once said a modeler only has so many road wheels in him, so I guess I've yet to reach my quota!
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