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  1. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks David. Thanks. Thanks Jim. Thanks Bob.
  2. Got the color on. Tamiya X-16 Purple.
  3. Thanks. I lowered mine a bit and I did have to do some wheel well trimming.
  4. Beautiful build Bob. Contest worthy. Great job.
  5. Got the engine and chassis done.........
  6. I had already decided not to use the Coke decals. I've built a few of the coke kits and never use the decals. I built the 40 delivery van and used Miller Beer decals instead of the cokes.
  7. I also use Vallejo for detail painting, especially the blacks. It's more expensive than the craft stuff but for detailing it goes a long way.
  8. Bench time is on hold for now, I've got strep and just don't feel like working with it.
  9. I tried a hemi from a 32 kit, but couldn't seem to make it fit right without a lot of cutting up the frame and building mounts. Didn't want to go to all that trouble and settled with the kit engine.
  10. I don't like coke either Jim. And I don't like the decals, I'll try to find something else.
  11. I like the look of primer only on hot rods. Makes them look meaner. Yours looks great, compliments the black really well.
  12. Making a little progress. Got the engine almost ready. The blower scoop in the kit is ridiculous. I found a better one in my parts box, dechromed it and the headers, then painted them flat black. The headers will be installed after the engine is in the chassis. I also have a wired magneto coming from Scale Repros Plus that I will install.
  13. I have used water to thin Tamiya paints, it works fine as does isopropyl alcohol . Besides the Tamiya I also use Testor's enamel, and I have the lacquer thinner for it, and since it's right there I just use it for the Tamiya also. But water works also.
  14. I've never noticed a funny smell with the X-22, and I just use cheap walmart lacquer thinner with it, or sometimes Mr. Hobby leveling thinner. Works fine. Never had a need to swallow any of it.
  15. Thanks Bob. Mocking up the body and the hood is a terrible fit. Going to need some work. Thanks. It only has the Coke decals which I am not fond of. I'll need to see if I can find some different ones.
  16. This is the Coke version 3 n 1. I'll be building the drag car. Trying to clean up the body first, lots of flash and mold lines.
  17. Yea, not making much progress with it, probably going back in the box. I may use the engine in something else.
  18. Yea it is, but the frame is warped on mine. Having problems getting it together even with the included jig.
  19. Picked it up at Ollie's. Looks like a older kit, lots of flash and mold lines.
  20. Hey guys, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Mike, yes the kit came with the louvered trunk lid. EMRE, this is the Revell Special Edition 5 window coupe 2n1 kit.
  21. Thanks. Thanks Bob. Thanks. Thanks Jim. I had already assembled and painted the hood, didn't want to try and take it apart. But yea I think it would look better without the sides. I've used Tamiya clear over Testor's enamel a few times and never had a problem. Thanks Carl.
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