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  1. Frame is painted, engine and exhaust installed. Wheels and tires are ready.
  2. Got the green on. I am going with Tamiya Tan for the interior and probably the removable top.
  3. Very little flash. The engine is the Ford Cobra 4.6L DOHC. Plated stuff looks really good.
  4. This is the Hot Wheels kit I picked up at Ollie's. Looks to be a really nice little kit. Building OOB. I like the color on the box art, so mine will be a green. I've got a little bottle of Testor's Green Metallic enamel that should look good on it. I had starting work on the engine while I was finishing up the Roadkill 56, so it's almost ready. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks David. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks Carl. Thanks.
  6. Thanks David. Thanks. I can remember these type also from back in day. I was involved in building a few myself. Thanks Bob. Thanks Jim. It was fun, I plan on doing more like this, maybe do a better job with the next one. It's a nice break from building just OOB.
  7. Ok, calling it done. Came out ok. I had fun building it. May do something like it again.
  8. Thanks Carl. Thanks David. Thanks Jim.
  9. I got the idea for this build from the Motortrend TV show Roadkill Garage. This is not a replica of the show car, just my take on the idea. It's a AMT 56 Chevy Cruiser kit I got from Ollie's. The idea was take a rusted junked body and install a good engine, trans, suspension, etc. and leave the body and interior as is. I used the white glue method to weather it, along with some Tamiya Weathering Powders and Testors Rust Enamel. The body color is Tamiya Flat Green, interior is Rustoleum black. The chassis is also weathered except the suspension/rear end and exhaust as I wanted them to look new. The front buckets and steering wheel are finished as new also. And of course a new engine. There are photos of the weathered chassis in my WIP thread. All comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  10. Ok, installed the glass and lights. Put in a new battery and radiator. Did the trim with a dull metallic marker, then added some more rust and dirt. I think this is as far as I'm going with it, don't want to overdo it. I guess it looks ok, I had fun with it. Time to get it on the chassis.
  11. Ok, done the weathering process with the glue. IDK, I guess it looks ok, I think I could have probably done more but didn't want to over do it. I will go back and do some dry brushing with the Testors Rust Enamel in some places especially in the engine compartment and firewall area. The hood is not weathered, just supposed to be an old primed replacement hood that is not in very good shape. The photos are a little dark, kinda hard to really see the effect. I'll take some better ones after I work on it a little more.
  12. Thanks David. Thanks. Yep, didn't even think of that.
  13. I have that Nomad kit also, but have not noticed that. I'm thinking I want to make a pro street out of mine, been looking at the 66 Nova Pro Street kit's frame thinking it maybe could be altered to fit under the Nomad. Probably be a lot of work though.
  14. Fantastic build Mario. Always love your photo presentations also.
  15. Thanks Carl. Thanks. Thanks Jim. Yes, that is something I need to watch out for, don't want to overdo it. I called that a bumper in my photo, it is actually the grille, there will be no bumper on it.
  16. I got it on 4 wheels. The wheels and tires will be new. I also weathered the front bumper. I first dulled the chrome with some dullcote, then added some black panel liner, and finished with dry brushing some Testors Rust Enamel on it. I think it came out ok.
  17. Thanks David. Thanks Jim. Thank you. It is fun. Thanks Steve.
  18. I used a small chisel blade and a regular number 11 to remove the trim, then tried sanding with emery boards. Still left a faint line, but I think it will work out, gives me an idea where to drill the holes. Which brings another question, what size bit for the holes? I drilled three holes on the hood where I removed the emblem, but I may have got them a large for scale.
  19. No problem Jim. These will help. Thanks.
  20. I have removed the front fender trim on the drivers side and the door trim on the passenger side. I painted the hood a ugly flat black like it was just picked up and put on, (forgot to take picture). I also removed the front emblem from it. I sprayed on another coat of the rust base coat, and then sprayed on a good coat of dullcote over it. I weathered all of the chassis except the suspension, rear end/drivehaft and the exhaust system. I wanted those to look just replaced. I'll start the glue stage in a couple of days. The color will be a flat green, I may paint one of the doors another color to make it look like a replacement. My first time doing a build like this so not sure how it will turn out, but I'm having fun with it.
  21. Thanks. I am going to try the white glue method. Thanks Carl.
  22. Buggered up the interior. Looks ok I guess. The front bench seat was removed and 2 good buckets added, gives a little contrast to the old dirty interior. Also a new steering wheel was installed.
  23. Thanks. Jim, I been thinking about what I need to do with the trim. I don't think I want to remove any, never tried that before. But I don't want to foil it either. Not sure how would be the best way to handle it, maybe go over it with a dull silver pencil or something. And when is the best stage to do it. I want to start the glue stage, then shoot some dullcote on it, then the final color before I start removing the glue. Not sure when I should do the trim work.
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