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  1. Thanks John. The wiring was fiddly, I tried a few different ways and couldn't get it like I wanted. I finally just took some small rubber tubing and pushed the wires in one end and glued the other end onto the distributor. It's really not the way it's supposed to be, the tubes should have been longer with the wires coming out at intervals along the way.
  2. Progress on this is slow. The weather has been hot and humid, and my work shed has no AC. I can't stay in it very long at a time. I did get the cab/interior almost done. The interior is hard to see, I should have taken a photo before installing it.
  3. Looking good. I'm building one now. Also went with a green, Tamiya Deep Green.
  4. Do not try brush detail painting right after operating a weed eater.
  5. Got the wheels/tires done. I went with black rims and baby moons. Took a while to get those white wall decals on, they're a little off center, but it will do. I like the black/green contrast so I think I'm going black with the interior, but it will be Tamiya Nato Black.
  6. It's looking great Bob. Love the old gassers
  7. Got the clear on. Looks ok, some spots not so good. May can do a little polishing on it. Still have not decided on a interior color. I will do the rims in black and I got a set of baby moons from the parts box I want to try.
  8. Been a busy few days here this week. We had several storms move through causing lots of damage. We lost power for 2 days. All the while I was prepping for a colonoscopy, got it done yesterday, all good. I got the paint on, went with the green, I think it will look good after I get the clear on. Got the engine done. Did the bed with Tamiya Wood Deck and a Molotow pen.
  9. Got some stuff primed. I was thinking of going green, now I'm thinking purple.
  10. Finished it. It is a really nice kit but I messed it up. Tried to do some weathering and overdone it. I think I better stick with automobiles. All comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  11. My next victim. It will be straight OOB. Probably go with a green exterior with brown or tan interior.
  12. Since this helicopter has a lot of detail and lines I want to do an entire wash over it, then clean up the excess. So this will be ok to do with the Tamiya? I have the decals on and will put on a coat of Revive-It floor polish. Then after the wash and clean up I will put on a coat of Testors dull cote.
  13. Mater sandwiches with lots of mayo, salt and pepper. Wash them down with a Classic City Lager.
  14. Got decals on one side. There are a lot of really small ones that cant be seen once they are on. Left some of them off. I spilled my bottle of decal set, will have to pick up more to finish the other side.
  15. Great looking 57. Nice work.
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