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  1. Great looking 57. Nice work.
  2. Looks great. I just built one as a replica of my first car.
  3. Great looking Chevelle. Nice work.
  4. I'm building a military aircraft model (helicopter) and painted it with Vallejo Model Air paints, which are acrylics. What is the best wash to use for weathering? I have some Tamiya Panel Liner but I think it is enamel and I'm afraid the thinner in it will ruin the paint. Should I clear coat before the wash?
  5. Coming along slowly. There are lots of small parts and small decals. Some of the smaller decals will probably be left off. I'll start painting soon and try some weathering, I've never tried to do much weathering so don't know how it will come out.
  6. That's a great looking Nova Bob. Nice work.
  7. The best I have found is Tamiya quick setting thin especially for bare plastic. It has a small brush that you can just touch to a part then hold it in place a few seconds. Then you can apply a little more with the brush into the seam. If you get some on the plastic it evaporates in a couple seconds as long as you don't let your fingers touch it. It's also great for seams of two parts like engine halves. For painted surfaces I use Locite Super Glue Gel. I put a little blob on a piece of card board or something, then use a toothpick to apply to the part. I also sometimes use Tamiya regular cement for large parts.
  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks.
  9. A recent poll concluded that 98% of polls are incorrect.
  10. I just used a set of Pegasus wheels and tires on my 66 Impala. I was able to cut off the wheel stub all the way on the Pegasus wheels and the wheel backs from the kit fit right in there. I didn't have to do anything to the kit chassis.
  11. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks Chaz. Thanks Mario.
  12. Got some of the PE on. That stuff is tiny and hard to work with, lost a couple. I forgot to add the ballast according to the instructions when I put the fuselage together, so I shoved a 38cal RN lead bullet through the back. The kit came with pre cut masks for the canopy, but it was still a booger to get on straight. It's coming together slowly.
  13. Thank you. Thanks Michelle. Thanks. Thanks Jim. Thanks David. Thanks Mike. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks Bob.
  14. Calling it done. Link to under glass..... Thanks for looking and the comments.
  15. This is a replica of my first car I bought when I was 17. The chrome reverse wheels was in style back then so the first thing I did was install a set, so I replicated those with some 1/25 scale wheels from Pegasus. Another thing that was in was the chrome open filter air cleaner, found one of those in my parts box. The car had the 396CI, 375 Hp with a Rochester 4 barrel and Muncie 4 speed. Had a lot of good times in that car. The original paint was Aztec Bronze, picked up a bottle of that from MCW Finishes. I had some problems with it, but I think it turned out ok. I think I replicated it as close as I can remember, it was a long time ago and I didn't have any photos of the car. All comments are welcome and thanks for looking.
  16. Ditto. Nice trading with you also.
  17. Getting close to finishing this one. Got decals on, glass installed. Rolling chassis.
  18. I have been reading this thread and will put in my two cents. The first time I ordered from MAD I didn't realize it was a one man show. After a couple of weeks and not getting an email stating my order had shipped I sent a email and ask what's up. I prompted received an email back explaining the items were made to order and it takes a while. I was in need of the item quickly so I ask for a refund. I got the refund promptly. The next time I ordered I knew to put in the order ahead of time, and all was good. I had no problems with communicating with them.
  19. Got the trim done. Used a molotow pen. In the photos I can see a few spots I missed. I'll try to touch those up.
  20. Mr. Hobby Cement Deluxe works well, and can be found at Hobby Lobby.
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