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  1. Hopefully we'll see you in Phoenix next April...
  2. I've got two more of his NASCAR racers to build, the 1953 and 1954 Oldsmobiles. Then I will build the USAC cars he raced when he was kicked out of NASCAR in 1962-1964. Ol'Curtis did get around.
  3. Yep, I won it at the auction. Was missing parts, but Gerry Chevalier found the parts I needed. I think I built the 1st issue of the C9. Yeah, I'm still waiting for Teresi to build his radial bike!
  4. Found a lot of bench time this year. thanx for lookin'...
  5. Excellent builds Kurt, hope to see them in Phoenix, maybe!!!
  6. As my skills increase, I will try and do the rims right. When that happens I'll be happy to send you a set for your critique.
  7. I agree on the the shape of the rims. It's due to my limitations as a machinist. I've tried to step them, but it isn't pretty and very time consuming.
  8. Looks like Ted needs to order more wheels. All my 1/25th scale wheels are roughly 1/8" wide I can sell these to you directly if you have a PayPal account. Just send me an email at ceraitz@gmail.com, tell me want you want and I will send a PayPal invoice. Here's photos of the wheels in 1/25th scale: hope to hear from you.
  9. I currently sell them on ebay (search TruWire wheels) and thru Ted's Modeling Marketplace.https://www.tedsmodelingmarketplace.com I have 4 sizes, 3 in 1/25th with .710", .074" and .079" OD. and one in 1/16th with a 1.10" OD. They come with O-Ring tires, but are designed to use the tires in the kit. The slot Car guys like the O-Rings. Bernards photo is of one of the first I made...I've gotten much better. My only guarantee is that they are much better than the "kit-supplied" wheels. check'em out...
  10. I actually got to experience Phil Hill driving the Auto Union C around Laguna Seca Raceway when Porsche/Audi was the guest marquee at the 1982 Monterey Historic Auto Races. Just the sound of the engine was quite fantastic and Phil Hill driving it through the "corkscrew" was a site to be seen.
  11. From one Curt to another Kurt, I love it! I've built three of Fernando Pintos so far just got a fourth to build, the Bugatti T251 (1956 French GP) looking forward to hopefully seeing your Auto Union at DSL this year. c'ya
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