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  1. Dan, they will be there!! First unveiling will be at the IMPS Nationals in Las Vegas next month. C'ya
  2. Again you nailed the "AlClad" finish. Engine is fantastic. Time to get that base built Excellent work Buddy!
  3. Thanx Guys it was fun building it then seeing the real car in the NHRA Museum a few years back. My buddy Steve has the artwork for this car.He should be able to print up a set of decals for you. Contact info for Steve is: allemand64@aim.com good luck
  4. If memory serves me well, I scratch built that part with styrene rod and or tubing.
  5. Hopefully we'll see you in Phoenix next April...
  6. I've got two more of his NASCAR racers to build, the 1953 and 1954 Oldsmobiles. Then I will build the USAC cars he raced when he was kicked out of NASCAR in 1962-1964. Ol'Curtis did get around.
  7. Yep, I won it at the auction. Was missing parts, but Gerry Chevalier found the parts I needed. I think I built the 1st issue of the C9. Yeah, I'm still waiting for Teresi to build his radial bike!
  8. Found a lot of bench time this year. thanx for lookin'...
  9. Excellent builds Kurt, hope to see them in Phoenix, maybe!!!
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