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  1. Fully molded in front and rear suspension featuring not one single separate part, a three-piece(!) interior featuring a molded in seat and little to no door panel detail, a bed underside which is molded integrally with both the frame and cab floor pan, and a thick metal axle passing directly though the engine is "dead on accurate"? The dual rear axle option is horrendous, too. That's like upgrading to a Fiat X/19 from a Yugo. Better?..maybe, but still not good. The only reason this kit keeps being reissued is there's plenty of demand but other scale competition. Mike's suggestion
  2. Nice reference photo of the firewall, prior to the body drop stage of assembly:
  3. Made by T&T Productions, and the others they offered are called out on one side of the box:
  4. Good catch. The "D" pre-fix should've tipped me off. They are in fact, die-cast models so I deleted them.
  5. Looks like this one is back and headed for production, with the same MPC 828 kit number as earlier.
  6. So Revell can and does get things correct sometimes. 😊 Steve, do you, by chance, have a list of the kits you built for H-L and Model King?
  7. Missing Link Resin offered that hood a few years ago, so it might be worth contacting them as asking.
  8. Yikes, that's disappointing too read. I had hoped Revell recycled those horrible two-piece tire molds long ago. This seems to be an issue with all Revell kits molded stateside-- Chevy Luv, Dodge Ramcharger, etc.
  9. Install Adblock Plus and you will see no ads.
  10. AMT 1265 - 1/25 1975 Chevy Van "Foxy Box"
  11. AMT 682 - 1/25 1962 Ford Thunderbird - Limited Edition(??) AMT 1266 - 1/25 '37 Chevy Coupe "Salt Shaker" AMT 1262 - 1/25 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 AMT 1284 - VW Superbug - 1971 Unity Graphics (Coke, Google it...) AMT 1285 - 1/25 Sandkat Dune Dragster
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