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  1. Watched this and found it both informative and interesting:
  2. Why? Curious to hear your reasoning. I don't *think* this retro F/C shares a chassis (THE chassis?) with the previous Monogram '80s F/Cs (Miller Warrior, 7-Eleven/Chief Auto Parts Mustang, etc,), but I honestly could see new Revel not having much interest in reissuing those anyway. At any rate, I enjoy seeing Atlantis provide a monthly update, even of the info is limited in scope. I think the Unreal Roller is going to sell out quickly, but I suspect another run will happen if so. Crazy to think this kit would ever be reissued.
  3. Are you wanting both headlights (or each twinned pair, say, on the left side) to both be on the same level or flush with each other? The Monogram '86 Monte SS has slightly stepped buckets, so just something to look out for, depending upon what you want.
  4. New PREORDER is the 1/24 Tom Mongoose McEwen '57 Chevy Funny Car (H 7172) Look for the Unreal Roller to start to ship next week.
  5. "The Mooneyes will be available for preorder in about 2 weeks."
  6. At 12.75 inches long, the GMC General emphasizes size with authentic features, including: 60+ chrome parts, 34 inch sleeper, Detroit Diesel 8V92T engine, tilting hood, dual chrome exhaust stacks, super-detailed interior with high back seats, 10 black vinyl tires and more! Fully paintable, with authentic water-slide decals and vintage-style packaging. QUICK SPECS: 1/25 Scale, 300+ Parts, 12.75 Inches long once assembled.
  7. FRUEHAUF 40' SEMI TRAILER (MILLER BEER) 1:25 SCALE MODEL KIT (DUE AUGUST 2021) QUICK SPECS: 1/25 Scale, 135+ Parts, 19.125 Inches long once assembled.
  8. Are you wanting a pair with separate, clear lenses, or with molded in lenses, like the MPC kits/promos had?
  9. Interesting that the '86 El Co (which IIRC, was "cleaned up" during the Ertl era, when the Choo-Choo Customs IROC nose was added) shares engine parts (at least design) with the MPC '80 Monte Carlo, but the auto transmissions attached to the SBCs are different. I think the ElCo's TH350 is the best starting point, and definitely better than the '80 Monte Carlo's, shown below: The pan is a bit crude and squared off, and the bellhousing area (on both the Monte Carlo and El Camino) have ribs which I don't recall seeing on a TH350, so maybe this trans was originally a
  10. Just for information purposes, the auto trans in the Revell '64 Impala is a Powerglide, with a separate, chromed pan:
  11. Yes, lots of chrome on the above display engine, but a unique engine for sure: http://6066gmcguy.com/TwinSix.html
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