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  1. Sharp! Really nice. Love the paint and details in the frunk.
  2. Super clean. Love the colors inside and out. Great job!
  3. Clean machine...interesting combo of leftover parts and great finishing work. Nice job!
  4. Your Pops knocked em both out of the park. Nice jobs!!!!!
  5. Cool...love Purple-Licious! Nice job....
  6. Great builds, photos and I had fun watching the interest and following the suggestions. Thanks Tim. Can't believe some model maker hasn't produced a modern dragster kit! With today's high degree of comonality amongst the funny car and top fuel ranks you'd think it would be fertile ground for kit and decal suppliers. Which leads me to why I was so blown away when I stumbled on IMC kits of the kit-car I had built in high school. I couldn't imagine why anyone would invest in producing such a low volume, rare, limited, fake car....but I am sure glad they did! Go ahead Revell, take a chance!!!!
  7. Last year our house was struck by lightning. Fortunately damage was limited to most appliances and the furnace. The heater's motherboard had to be replaced and the technician ordered a new part. While in the garage he saw my workbench and mentioned he was a nut. On weekends he drives a midget race car. When he returned to install the motherboard this Super Duty kit was under his arm. It had been given to him a couple of years ago. But, he was so busy he was sure he'd never get around to building it. My thanks go out to him and to Mother Nature. I hope I did it justice! I was going for a nostalgic Super Stock drag racer with a 60-year-old paint job and that "rode hard and put away a wet" look.
  8. I don't think model making could get any better. Great job!
  9. Very cool. Life before aerodynamics! Like pushing bricks through the air. Always loved mid-60s Mopars. Nice rendition. Well done!
  10. Where are the keys? I want to take this baby for a spin. Amazing outstanding realism. Great job!
  11. Nice job. Brings back memories of going to my first drag race and seeing Dyno Don in Eliminator I.
  12. Cool Henry J...great job!
  13. Nasty...as in nasty cool! Well done!
  14. Love it! Your cool ride and I are the same age...but it looks better and probably feels younger than I do...!
  15. It was worth the wait...nice job! Love the paint job!!!
  16. My fav car of all time! Beautiful job!!!
  17. Thanks for nice comments! Paints (all Tamiya rattle cans)... Body - Pearl Light Blue TS-58 over Black TS-14 base, Metallic Black TS-40, Semi-Gloss Blk TS-29, Carbon Fiber decals and Clear TS-13 Engine / Chassis - Mica Silver TS-76, Bare Metal Silver AS-12, Gum Metal TS-38,l Light Gun Metal TS-42, Titanium Silver TS-88 and Matt Blk TS-6 Brakes, Front Spoilers (internal) & Seat Belts - Brilliant Orange TS-56 Interior - Semi-Gloss Blk TS-29, Matt Black TS-6, Fine Scale Primer (white)
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