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  1. That's the one, Aug/Sept 2012, the cover story! Lots of brass work went into that model! Nice work on this one, love the grille guard, things are really taking shape now. Thanks for the update and process used
  2. Just happened to come across an old Model Cars Mag article where you used brass, looked great but a lot of work as you say. Nice to see it again in print, thank you for your past articles demonstrating these techniques, as now!
  3. Such a neat job done on that body! Love the chains and hinge detail. Fenders look good too, ready for casting. Wondering if the brass ones could be formed over a wooden buck and then duplicated, never worked with brass sheet before though. Think it would be cool to use the TV show fender shaping techniques on a model!
  4. Nice work! One can really pick out the chassis and suspension details, and just enough weathering on the exhaust and engine to add realism, nice! As for the spray cans, a local autobody supply shop should be able to mix up a custom spray can for you, I've had it done. I like the one in this picture, "Pasture Green" as an example
  5. Love it! What people really drive, very popular around here. Debated buying the kit, kinda pricey for a curbside but boy it sure looks good properly painted and assembled like yours!
  6. So there's the '68! I dont see different wheels in the picture, but I think I'll just wait for the ramp truck and buy two!
  7. Wow, looks great! Nicely photographed too, looks great from every angle!
  8. That’s the model? You’ve gotta be kidding, the molding is not even two inches wide! Fabulous!
  9. Forgot to ask, shouldn’t the Ford battery have six caps in 1967, instead of the two rectangular caps molded on the kit piece?
  10. Wow, impressive work, looks so real! Come a long way from the Otto Ray Sing vignettes that I remember from many years ago! They were so very clever, postcards from the North, I guess! I’ll have to track down your references now, lots of inspiration here if you know where to look
  11. Currently installing the windows, and boy that windshield is a tight fit, I thought it was going to snap, but I put on my thin cotton gloves to keep it clean, held my breath and snapped it into place. Top and bottom fit okay, it’s the two side edges that fix it in place. Helps to do the black trim first, and some BMF on the inside edge of the black if you’re doing an upscale model. Now on to the rear window, which needed filing to fit in the hole, unless you test fit it before paint and enlarge the hole. After filing the flange looks wider so that should be shaved , and there is also a wide fl
  12. Ha, even you need a little nudge to push the envelope, LOL! Great job, another neat little detail. I had to look up which way an engine turns, seems CCW is most common, now scratching my head and trying to figure out which way the blades should be oriented to pull air thru the rad - my head is starting to hurt! Things are really coming together for you, great progress, thanks for sharing!
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