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  1. Got the hood hinged today, this simple hinge seems to work okay, bent so a bit of drag on the underhood ridges make it stray open by itself, though I need to add some trim or something to make it look more realistic, maybe glue some plastic shapes onto the wire to hide it
  2. The plan now is to make the cab a Mercury, to go with the neat Mercury Electric decals that come in the kit. Working on some lettering decals for the hood, my first attempt at the artwork pictured! Tips or suggestions welcome!
  3. Body mounting mocked up, seems kinda low on the chassis to me. You can see where I removed the side moulding and rocker panel trim, a primer coat will reveal all mistakes. Also practicing posting from an iPad instead of my ancient computer, good to learn new tricks! Found I can just copy and paste the picture from an email, couldn’t be easier!
  4. Very nice! Great use of that sleeper, the perfect compliment to the gleaming trimwork, well done!
  5. Wow, I’ve never seen that old AMT Shorthauler truck kit look so good! The hopper and feed system look so realistic, and so neatly assembled, painted and decalled! My compliments!
  6. I have an in-progress engine picture too, as I made my own distributor with bare telephone wire, 24 gauge copper, with bits of insulation used as boots. Fortunatly Acrylic paint seems to work okay for finishing off the copper. Too late I noticed the overall blue paint colour is too dark, I’ll get it right in the next one Tried to assemble the drivetrain and found the auto transmission pan interferes with the middle crossmember! I had to cut out the middle of the crossmember to clear the pan and will be adding a strip below the pan. Then I found the engine contacts the steering gear so
  7. Wheels are supposed to be glued in place, but I want them to roll, so I added rings to hold on the wheel backs so they can rotate. Wheels must be hogged out inside to clear the ring, but then they can be glued to the backs and will turn. Now working on backdating the dashboard to 1967 and removing deluxe trim on the body
  8. Well done! Authentic replica of a beautiful and very unique truck, so nice to see it done in scale!
  9. Why were you disappointed with the ‘65 service truck?
  10. The 4x4s have different (lower) mounting points for the suspension parts. I plan to extend them even more to get the chassis higher, though the Fireball Models F250 conversion kit is really the way to go for a nice looking 4x4
  11. My summary, based on the box art or some I have bought. Please correct me if I made any mistakes! Year Model Bed Length Engine Extras 1965 Custom Cab Styleside 8’ 352 V8 1965 Ford Service Truck 8’ Service Bed 352 V8 1966
  12. Finally started one of the Moebius Ford pickups that I've been acquiring over the last few years, as I now have 7 of the 11 issued (how did that happen)! May have picked out the wrong one, as the '67 sure looks more like a '68 in everything but the lack of side markers! I was hoping to do a stripped-down basic model, but the dash, door panels etc. all seem to be from the Custom Cab or from the '68! Anyway, soon as I started I had to make the front wheels posable, so off I went making a simple build much more complicated! Pictures show what I did Trimming away part of the hub top and
  13. My dream build! That Fireball kit sure makes the kit authentic, and you did a great job on the chassis as well as the body! Just started mine, and I hope it turns out half as nice as yours!
  14. So very neatly done! Love the paint scheme on the tractor, especially the matching rear fenders! Can’t see the rear cab though, I’m interested in how you did the rear wall, it’s always nice to see a day cab conversion!
  15. Thanks! To me it’s a knockoff of the 1937 Buick! I guess Opel used the same GM design specs of the time but used the Chevy stovebolt six instead of the Buick straight eight
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