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  1. I might have these!
  2. Ted helped me out with a special project. Top shelf in my book!
  3. I may have what you need. LMK specifically...
  4. I have several of ‘those’ stories... ah that Vega Stinger I passed up for $150... with a parts car!
  5. John, Thanks so much for making this recommendation. Wylde is a good guy to deal with and I love the product.
  6. I think with a warmed over BBC that thing would come alive!
  7. Just a PS...any subtle differences can be ascertained by looking thru a Corvette Black Book. Every year and model is defined and all differences noted. Granted I stopped getting it but find someone who may have a C3 and will share the book info with you.
  8. I thought I might toss out some info to help... my first sanctioned drag race was in a ‘73. Hope these pics help. There may be some seat pattern changes, however, You might want to research that on your own. 1973 Front View: 1974 Front View: 1975Front View: Now for the rear view... 1973 - last year for the spoilered body: 1974 - only year with the split rear urethane bumper: 1975 - 1 pc rear bumper:
  9. Here is the GT wheel mocked up on my logo Vega! had to re-write this since it was not displaying properly!
  10. Black wash on the wheel, Molotow on the lugs, cap and valve stem. Black micro pen for the Chevy emblem. Can you say, “happy camper”?
  11. These arrived about a week later after reading Downie’s post! Not completely detailed yet. But it gives you an idea. Wylde Parnelle, wyldeman@shaw.ca The gold is satin gold Monogram/Humbrol, airbrushed on. The trim ring is Duplicolor Chrome. I may dull the wheels a tad and then detail out the cap, logo, lugs and valve stem.
  12. wyldeman@shaw.ca As for these being the same as Pinto wheels, no. Pinto, Bobcat and Mustang II, used a slimmer spoke. No bulge. These wheels were used on the Vega, Starfire, Sunbird, Skyhawk and Monza. Center caps changed and the higher end cars got chrome inserts in the openings.
  13. Loose mock up. Printed by Wylde Parnelle. I’ve waited a long time for these. I plan to detail out a set of his Cosworth wheels, too!
  14. Very, very well done! I was involved with GMP’s red tail series and airbase. Got to meet one of hero’s at Reading during WWII weekend.
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