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  1. I just checked the Cady drawer and I do have the black stripe set....the bad news is that one of the hood stripes is missing. I’d have to check all the other drawers at this point. If I find it, I’ll advise.
  2. Mike, I’d have to look but when I did my SAE 442, I used white stripes. The Cady sheet had bot white and black. Let me look and I’ll advise.
  3. Package arrived today and the model is outstanding!
  4. N95 rating. 3M has one for around $20. Other brands around. Has to be N95 rated.
  5. I placed an order on 5/28/21. Have not received product nor any delay notification. I just tried sending them a message thru their site and got an error message. I was away and wonder if I missed any issues they might be having. Thanks for any input. update: message finally went thru.
  6. I needed a specific set of VTO Minilites for my friend’s MGB. Wylde Parnell made what I needed!
  7. PM me. I have a bunch of extra kits.
  8. Here is the box art to the Nova I mentioned...
  9. ‘71 Nova kit might be a better choice based on your valve covers.
  10. I might have these!
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