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  1. I am looking for the body shell for the Revell 1960 Impala, the roof was crushed. Don't need the hood and trunk lid.
  2. Looks like they fixed the front fender stripe, the original had a hook on the front pointing upward.
  3. The grille from the new kit won't fit the sd body, it is a '62 which has a taller grille. The '62 grille went flush with the hood, '63 - '65 had a hood lip molding which extended down into grille area and it turn had a shorter grille. You can use the '63 hood and grille, but that would look weird on a '62.
  4. I may have missed this in an earlier post, but what year is this Jag suppose to represent?
  5. Thanks for the close up picture, looks good. Better than them splitting between the door and rocker panel.
  6. Did they mold the rear lower half of the body as part of the chassis? If so, that will odd to paint, you won't be able to mold that piece into the body before painting.
  7. Does anyone make a photoetch detail set for this Mustang?
  8. Hi Steve, I mentioned this when you were building your '69. Does the '68 have the sunken in area on the passenger side door, both the '69 and '70 have it? Also, I removed the extra door crease on my '70 in the pictures.
  9. My biggest complaint is for both the Coronet and the '67 GTX. The side window trim on one side is set deeper in the body, while the other side it is set further out flush with the drip rails.
  10. I hope they didn't make the '68 obsolete converting to a '69 and each is a separate body. Didn't Revell convert the '69 Dart to a '68 making it impossible to bring back the '69 without destroying the '68.
  11. MCW Resin has a nice 1957 Nomad to be used with the Revell 1957 2 door sedan BelAir.
  12. I have never had an issue with service from Gravity USA. However, I like to stock up on paint, I have Scale Finishes and Zero paints that are 5-10 years old and are still perfect to use. I was looking through my stash of Gravity Colors and nearly all the bottle are dried up, even those that are in the original shrink wrap.
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