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  1. Nice work. Good job detailing the interior and engine.
  2. Cool build. Well built and finished.
  3. Cool Merc. Nice job detailing the engine. I like the body color.
  4. Yesterday I went to Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro CA and bought Revell's 1956 Chevy Del Ray. I also got several cans of Tamiya spray paint.
  5. Nice set of Batmobiles. Cool to see the Futura.
  6. Last night I was going to make a left turn in my 2014 Chevy Impala when I looked at the car up ahead and recognized the pair of triple tail lights of a vintage Impala. I pulled up quickly and found it was three vintage Impalas up ahead of me. The lead Impala was a 1968 fastback coupe followed by a 1963 convertible and a 1962 coupe. My and my 2014 Impala unwittingly became part of an Impala caravan.
  7. Nice gasser. The red windows contrast well with the body color.
  8. Cool Lincoln. I really like the body color.
  9. Nice Impala. Good work on the conversion!
  10. Nice Merc. Good job combing the two bodies!
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