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  1. Cool build. Nice work detailing the interior and engine!
  2. Very sharp! Well built and finished.
  3. Stopped by HL last night and was surprised to find MPC 1972 Chevy P/U Racer's Wedge because it was not on their website. Picked it up for about $20.00 after the discount. Cool deal!
  4. Cool lowrider bomb. The swamp cooler is a nice touch.
  5. Nice build. I really like the body color.
  6. Cool Mustang. Nice body color.
  7. Nice build. Sometimes the most challenging kits bring the most satisfaction when completed.
  8. Cool hotrod. Nice body color.
  9. Cool wagon. Well built and finished. I really dig the slant six.
  10. Another method is using really thin sheet styrene to fill in the "sinkhole".
  11. Cool replica. Well built and finished. Good job!
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