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  1. very nice job, looks great
  2. I know this is a dog of a kit but you made your a fabulous gem, very nice job. looks awesome
  3. great looking GTO, nice plumbing work too. love the color
  4. great looking Charger, nice color over all nice build
  5. sweet build, looks great nice job on the plumbing
  6. very nice job great work and great color
  7. looks great, you did a super job
  8. WOW, these all are the best I have see including my own. fantastic job on the detail of each/ one great collection
  9. only one work, incredible. the best I ever seen.
  10. Excellent work , you nailed it. great job
  11. fabulous build , looks so 1:1, great job
  12. sweet build, great job looks really nice
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