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  1. lol... Yeah. I'm having a lot of fun with this one. This one contains a lot of firsts for me... use of magnets, using heat to bend styrene for a roll cage, custom building details like the ammo box, dirtying up a vehicle, custom suspension, custom bumpers... Taking my time and enjoying it.
  2. Made some progress. Getting close to being done... Working on front and rear bumpers now. Going to have a swing out tire carrier on the rear and a winch on the front. Anyway, here's what I have so far... Thanks for looking!
  3. Got her dirty today! Dirty'd up the tires, body... Started on the exhaust too... Working on the exhaust tips, body lift, steering wheel... Still have to start roll cage, bumpers, etc... Thanks for looking.
  4. Update... Fixed that terrible silver trim... now straight! Much better. Put some paint on the hood (flat black) and felt it was missing something... so added a little detail to the hood. Like the doors, the hood is held closed with a magnet (round object in photos). Magnets work NICE to put that little 'click' in the close. Next time I need to use a little more metal in the doors. They're a little softer than I want. The hood is perfect. Some weathering on the frame/engine... need to weather the body when I get closer to being done. Engine compartment (you can see the h
  5. Made some progress over the weekend. First on my list is to straighten that silver out! The silver stripe/trim looks like ###### in these pics. In real life, it doesn't look so bad. In fact, I think I'm going to head back out to the garage right after this... The frame, suspension and interior are "dirty'd" up already. Paint is still too new looking. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks Raul, It's good to be building again. Family is great. Thanks for asking. How's you and yours???
  7. Installed the magnetic door locks. They take only a little effort to open yet still keep the doors closed when tilted sideways: Started on the door panels too: Any ideas on paint??? Thanks for looking.
  8. Yep. different box, same kit. My kit has those same wheels in it as well as the ones on the cover of my box. My lift is from the custom springs and longer shackles. I considered some blocks, but decided to just add a body lift... which will be needed to help fit the larger engine.
  9. Some progress has been made... Finished the frame. Did some dry brushing, but will follow up with some more weathering. Need to ount the shocks still (they're being painted). Working on a big V8 for it too. Kit came with a meager V6... no way my 4x4 is gonna have a little V6. Also working on the drive shafts... Of course, I had to do a mock up... Also have the doors cut and hinged. My goal is to use a small rare earth magnet and a pin to keep the doors closed. Still working on how I can hide them. Then I'll start on the foor panels. Thanks for looking.
  10. Made a little progress... Got the engine and transfer case primed... Cut the doors... Worked on the suspension too. Added the u-bolts and whatnot... Need to finish the steering linkage, and suspension now.
  11. Me too! Got an 04 Wrangler on 33s that I take off road whenever possible. Pencil erasers! Brilliant! I like that idea. Thanks. So made some progress yesterday/this morning. Made new axles with brass tube (smaller brass tube inside so tires spin easily), finished springs and mounting. Need to attach the u-bolts to hold the axles to the springs. They're cut and sitting on the workbench. Here's a few mock ups... I'm thinking about a 1" body lift and will probably cut the fenders out for more clearance on those tires. That's it for this weekend. Gotta head to NC for
  12. Sounds good! If you see the build up close.... you may see the flaws... lol!!!
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