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  1. I probably saw this car race!  I went to several USAC stock car shows, both dirt and pavement in the late 60's and early 70's.  You did a great job with capturing the "feel" of that era in USAC stock car racing.

  2. Very nice!!  I think I've built at least one of every Polar Lights funny car released.  The frames were all a PITA, and the decals were extremely fragile, but with patience and perseverance they build in t a very respectable model.  You did an excellent job on this one!


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  3. I FINALLY got this one done!!  I started with a 1/16 scale Revell Jungle Jim and ended up with this.  I had this almost done 9 months ago, dropped the body and broke it.  I got pissed and put it away, and finally got it back out last month.  I'm never going to be at the level of some of the people that post on here, but I'm pretty happy with the results.  I made some changes to the frame and some of the mounting points to get the stance the way I THINK a 70's funny car should look.  I used Pro-Tech lines, fittings, spark plug wires and boots to detail the engine.  I used 65lb. braid fishing line as parachute cord.  Decals are from Chuck Boerner of Chuck's Vintage Drag Racing Decals.  Thank you all for looking!!










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  4. 16 hours ago, bobss396 said:

    Super job! I never saw that color combo before. There were a lot of one-off cars even back then. A later Road Runner he had was the one with the peeling vinyl top and the advent of 200 MPH tape.


    The Petty Road Runner with the black vinyl top was used in the 1968 Daytona 500.  There is quite a bit of disagreement on whether it really was a "vinyl" covering.  One story is that the top was embossed metal and painted black to disguise that it had been acid dipped to significantly reduce it's thickness and the embossing was done to improve airflow to compete with the Dodge Chargers, Ford Torinos and Mercury Cyclones.  Not sure how much truth there is in the story, but it was discussed on a NASCAR forum some time back.  

    HorrorSHow, GREAT job on the model.   Fantastic!

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  5. The kit was ORIGINALLY by Aurora, if my memory is correct.  Polar Lights re-released it a few years back.  The Undertaker took the show car world by storm in the mid/late 60's which is what led to the kit.  It builds in to a cool model although it is a little "fiddly".  You did an excellent job on it!!

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