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  1. Great job on this one!! Beautiful!!
  2. If you decide to build the Challenger 1, message me. The recently restored car was at the Museum of Speed at Daytona International Speedway when we were down there in October and I took a bunch of pictures. They may or may not help you, but I'll gladly send you the electronic files for your reference.
  3. THAT is SWEET!! Beautiful job!!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Nice work on this and an absolutely FANTASTIC paint job!!
  5. Unless I am missing something, the Slixx decals for this version of the Green Elephant are only available in 1/25 scale. This model I am building is 1/16 scale. Thank you for the suggestion though!
  6. Keeping this in the WIP for a few more days. This thing has fought me every step of the way recently. I am very disappointed in the decals. I am not perfect by any stretch, but no matter how much Micro Sol I used (and it was considerable!!) and how much heat from a hair dryer I used, I couldn't get the decals to lay flat on some of the curves. They either wrinkled or they bubbled up after I thought they had set. I have ordered new set of decals from Atlantis, but I don't anticipate them being a whole lot better. I am pretty happy with the stance of the body on the frame and how it sets when assembled. I did raise the rear axle and changed the doghouse on the interior tin (maybe a fraction too much!) both to clear the LPH 1320 Crower injection and hat, and to get the stance a little lower in the front of the car. I am very pleased with the LPH 1320 Crower parts! The detail was outstanding and they are much more representative of the car as it raced in its time. The wiring and plumbing is from ProTech Model Parts. Much thanks to them!! I had never used their parts before and contacted them and they certainly steered me in the correct direction! I have a few things yet to complete. I am in the process of building a different parachute mount so that I can mount two parachutes (every picture I can find of the car has it with two chutes, not a single) and mount the chute lines. I still need to install the headers, and of course finish the decals. It is certainly not perfect, but truth be told, it is about the best I can do at this point inmy life!! Thanks for looking and as always comments welcomed!
  7. Mike, this project is just jaw dropping!! Your attention to detail, and fabrication skills are outstanding. I know you agonized over the motor, esp. those headers, but WOW!! The whole project is just amazing!! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.
  8. Beautiful work on this model. It turned out well. I love the Ford GT 40 models!!
  9. Beautiful job and the weathering looks amazing! Great job!!
  10. Outstanding job! That is COOOOOL!!
  11. Thank you for sharing and filling in some of the gaps in the story!
  12. This is just FYI...on my computer I can blow my picture up some and retain the "crispness" to read the placard associated with the Mooneyes dragster. The placard says that the car is on loan from the Moon Equipment Company. That would imply to me that the car is at least at some level original and not a recreation. It would also imply that even if it is a recreation the original colors were as closely as possible retained. So I guess what I am saying is that perhaps the car did have two different yellows used, one for the engine block and one for the rest of the car. I can tell you that in person, the engine block color is indeed a darker shade of yellow than the rest of the car..
  13. Yeah, I noticed that too. I'm not sure if that was true of the original or not.
  14. Since the Mooneyes dragster was recently rereleased by Atlantis, I thought some referenced pictures from a real one at the Don Garlics Museum in Ocala Florida might be useful. Now, I don't know if this car is the real one restored or a re-creation....I've heard both, but regardless, the pictures might prove useful to some.
  15. While I know GMP440's post was intended to showcase the the Atlantis release of the Moneys dragster, which I just received, I thought you would like to see my "senior citizen" build. This one dates back to about 1965 and is the Revell release. Yes, it's dusty and it's certainly not perfect as I wasn't in my teens yet when I built it, but I am very proud of it! I hope my new build turns out as well!
  16. Just amazing craftsmanship throughout on this build!! The attention to detail and the finishes are all superb. Congratulations!!
  17. Great job on this!! I'm fairly certain my wife and I are sitting in the stands at IRP in the picture. I rarely missed an ASA race there. You nailed it on this car!
  18. Here is another update on my Green Elephant kit. I have the engine mounted in the chassis and all the fuel plumbing done (HALLELUJAH!!!) and I've modified the body tin. Having built numerous Revell 1/16 funny cars, I have learned to modify the tin in order to get the body to sit down properly on the chassis and get the "attitude" appropriate for a 70's era funny car. After installing the LPH 130 Model Products incredibly detailed Crower injection and hat, I realized that the new parts would also require me to modify the doghouse area of the tin as well. I added 5mm of height to the doghouse area and tapered it back to fit behind the windshield. As always, thoughts and comments welcome!
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