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  1. Replaced my 2012 Accord SE with a 2021 Accord Touring 2.0. Love driving it, very quick for a 4 cyl turbo sedan.
  2. F1 is getting ridiculous with all the winglets. I like Indycars better. They use a spec chassis which uses more driver control and skill.
  3. Model Motorcars. They have a large selection of small hardware.
  4. Nice job, I have currently started the 47 Coupe. I have a question, did you paint the body and firewall all separately or after you glued them together?
  5. Like what you're doing with this kit. Do you think those leaf springs would work on the Revell LWB? Where did you get them from and how much were they?
  6. I thought about trying that, I also thought about trying the same thing with Revells 63 Snap kit.
  7. Nice job. I have built that kit, its very crude by todays standards. I wish someone like Revell would come out with a new tool with better and more detail.
  8. Nice kit, but WOW thats a lot of separate body panels. Thats going to be some serious painting.
  9. Wow, unbelievable detailing skills. Nice work. Question, where do you get your nickel sheet from?
  10. I have the Tracy decals as well as the Penske Marlboro decals. I watched the race that Greg Moore got killed, very tragic. He definitely would have won Championships. My favorite driver of that period was Alex Zanardi, loved watching him race. His accident in Germany was very tragic also.
  11. Looks great. I bought every different kit Revell offered and some extras to use several Speedline decals I purchased. I even have a rare Greg Moore kit that was only released in Canada.
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