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  1. I've always just used Bostik Blu Tack. https://diy.bostik.com/en-NZ/products/stationery-craft/blu-tack
  2. This 300+ page forum has been going since 2004 and is an archive of old photos of the 935 in its many guises over the years. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/144507-more-935-favorite-photos.html
  3. Scale Motorsport are re releasing their Super Detail kit for Tamiyas' 1/12 scale Porsche 935 for those with really deep pockets... https://scalemotorsport.com/collections/super-detail-kits/products/porsche-935-big-scale-super-detail-kit No mention of price from Scale Motorsport but Spot Model are listing it.... https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=55048 I bought one when it was originally released back in 2003. I can't remember what it cost by the time it arrived here back then but it was so much I chose to forget that quickly. It is in a class of i
  4. I've been doing that for years. Brush thinned white glue over them so they stay in one piece then glue them to MDF board and hang on the wall. I find the 1000 piece ones suit me best and there is now a resurgence in interest in puzzles down this neck of the woods no doubt due to Covid. https://www.authenticcollectables.co.nz/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage%2Ccollection&q=Puzzles*
  5. it could be done but adhesion of the decal could be an issue. I always wipe the area with a wax remover first to be on the save side.
  6. I've got the first 35 year DVD loaded on my IMac running OS Mojave 10.14.6 and all is fine but its not compatible with later Mac OS. Kalmbach's Hobby Store does advise of this issue in their advert.
  7. There is a chap currently building the Meng kit on YouTube. We are now up to episode 5 and i still can't understand a word he says but you can follow along and see how it goes together along with the fit and appearance of the model
  8. The shape of the Meng kits roof is something i just can't unsee. it just looks plain wrong to my eyes.
  9. I'm not aware of anything in resin but Tamiya did make a racing version of their Morris Mini Cooper kit that included flares/ Minilite wheels and a roll cage but had the same road tires that were included with the stock version. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10002204
  10. I use a Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro 8V Max Tool Kit to knock the worst of the flash off then finish up with the usual fine files and sandpaper. There is a huge selection of different tools available for these rotary tools going from coarse to fine.
  11. I don't have that issue in print but can do a screen shot of the CD....
  12. If some one knows the issue of SAE that article appeared in I may have it here and could scan it and repost.
  13. I've ordered off Gravity Spain numerous times now and they have always provided an excellent service with the paint arriving all the way down here usually in a week.
  14. Mclaren owners handbooks, including the Senna, are available for download from their website. https://cars.mclaren.com/us-en/ownership/service-and-maintenance
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