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  1. I have some test fitting going on here. I've been working on the machine shop area (second floor) the last few days. I decided to completely redesign it from the original plan as I feel that the 'L' shape gives it more character, while allowing increased viewing area of the space below. I still have many more hours of work to go on it, but I needed to temporarily set it in place to make sure that what I'm doing is proceeding well. My next steps will be to prepare it for lighting and steps/railings. In placing this, I've been given the thought of building an elevator to move large parts betwe
  2. I think that I have found another modeler with a shrink ray. 😁 Your artistry is fabulous.
  3. My hometown of Oskaloosa Iowa had an amazing 1/2 mile dirt track, with Eldon Iowa, about 40 miles to the southeast, also having a very good 1/2 mile dirt oval. Both ran stock cars; Oskaloosa on Wednesday nights, and Eldon on Saturday nights. What I'm picturing here is a representative of what could be found on those tracks back in the 1970s.
  4. Can I borrow your shrink ray sometime?😁 Your work is extremely fabulous.
  5. Welcome back. I started building in December of 1959, and have models to thank for many times of easing stress. It's great to not only be able to calm oneself, but have a work of art to show for it.
  6. The Nomad is actually it twice. The one version is the model as a model, with the other being the model taken apart and rearranged many times in Photoshop to make it the kaleidoscope you see. This was a very early, rather forgetful, attempt at customizing. What isn't shown, is the one thing that I was focusing on, that being the stacked headlights as popular in the mid-1960s.
  7. Bringing home a treasure. Mary, Curls, & Flo check out a barn find of what was a high school kids ride.
  8. I hope you get a place to display it soon as it is quite an intriguing work of art.
  9. Your attention to detail and quality of implementation of construction is immeasurably beyond words fabulous. I am most truly inspired.
  10. I've been building old doors for the structure. I've included a closeup of one of them as well as it in the proximity of where it will be placed. It surprises me as to just how long these take to build.
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