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  1. I will have to admit that I don't like it. I absolutely love it. These big Caddies rocked, and you have captured it to perfection. I'm going to have to try this myself, of course my attempt will not be as beautiful as yours.
  2. Never give up on it, and keep us posted of additions to this very interesting diorama.
  3. Your attention to detail, and execution of quality construction is magnificent.
  4. I'm loving it, and it sure looks a lot better than the conversion I did many moons ago.
  5. I was thinking how cool it looked; like a barn find. It's a shame to find that it has been dismantled.
  6. This is a rebuilder that I just finished. Before... After...
  7. It sure looks good to me. Rock on.
  8. That his an amazing tribute build.
  9. Mary, Curls, & Flo found a 1955 Chevrolet 150 2 door sedan in an old rickety garage. It had once been a teenager's school car, but sat for nearly 1/2 a century. It needed a lot of work, and was missing a lot of pieces. Thankfully their grandfather had raced tri-five Chevies back in the 60s and had a lot of parts stashed in the loft of his garage. The ladies got into those parts and were able to put this beast back on the road. They also were able to use his stash to upgrade the looks to the top level Bel Air.
  10. I am now calling this one 'completed', although I never can keep myself from adding things to my dioramas. I wanted this to have a dark moody atmosphere, yet still portray an enjoyable place to work. This necessitated the need for lighting, which I have found even adds more to the atmosphere. I only wish that I could add the sounds and smells. What follows are the 'tour' photos. This was a
  11. You nailed it. It sure looks a lot better than the 50 Lincoln Lido coupe I owned many, many, many moons ago.
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