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  1. I always wanted to build/own a custom bulletnose. Nice build Jones clayton, do you have a salt flat Avanti? Real one?
  2. For someone who does not like to build bikes, that is one pro looking build, nice job.
  3. Mind boggling, incredible job. Did those forks come pre finished, those inner tubes look like gold plate.
  4. I was thinking the same, real or model, the chrome on the front mag gave it away, but absolutely stellar job!!!!!!!
  5. That might be a valuable collectible un-built in the box Maybe an e-bay fortune getter.
  6. Pretty cool, grille looks more like a Mercury Monterey, was this a combo of different kits? Oops, I see you are Aussie, your cars are always a little different from ours
  7. Pretty cool, grille looks more like a Mercury Monterey, was this a combo of different kits?
  8. That numbs the brain, I can't imagine the patience of spray, clean gun, spray, clean gun,......over and over, great job!!!
  9. Thanks for all your comments, JHDrew, I searched and saw your model, awesome job, I was amazed at how thick you layed the clear coat on. As far as the #46, I have three of the doctors bikes (pre fab) in my office so that is enough publicity for him. I also picked up an old VFR 750 Tamiya Honda kit off e-bay. I used to own an `83 so it should be a fun kit also.
  10. Took a long time, but I only worked on it when I was in the mood. Had some decal hiccups, and the tire decals did not work at all. But overall, I am pleased with my first effort. Next is an Avro Arrow.
  11. Astounding as usual. Thanks for the helpful tips as you go. Makes it so much more interesting for us mere mortals.
  12. Dade lift, I assume that is Dade county Florida, same state where they ruin corner carving sportbikes with fat rear tires and stretched swingarms. And I wasn't inferring you were a coke dealer, but anyone who would build a real 1:1 out of an expspensive car like that, well if I were a cop,it would be my first thought.
  13. Messing around trying to get a believable carbon fibre look. After a few paint /strip/ paint trys I think I found a combo that works OK. Base coat of Metallic Grey, brushed on an angle and then about 6 coats of clear smoke also brushed on an angle. Actual item looks better than the picture.
  14. Wow, with some background scene, this could challenge the real or model thread. Nice work!!
  15. Well, my first bike model, and also first model since I was a young kid. First attempt I tried too many colours, silver, copper, clear red, clear blue and blue. Started out good and then got too dark with excess paint. So I stripped it and started again, stripping it actually gave it a weathered look sort of like my old ZX11 in my garage. 1st coat Testor's silver 2nd, light dusting of Tamiya titanium gold Then some accents with Tamiya clear blue mounted and the other side, showing my decal damage on the yellow/black, ouch
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