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  1. Speedway Decals has a set for a '70 Monte Carlo that has that on it, $16 with shipping included. Email speedwaydecals@yahoo.com
  2. Yes sir, I did. I'm a bit of a C3 fan (working on a '74 right now), and thought that was a cool scheme.
  3. Yes, AMT '70 Impala. They're a little loose in the Revell tires, nothing a couple wraps of tape won't solve.
  4. These were made a few years ago for someone who was building from an original, and that's the color he specified. They can actually be made any color you want.
  5. I will check that out as well, thank you. I'm not concerned with that notch, I seriously doubt anyone would notice that anyway.
  6. Thanks y'all. The AMT 2009 Challenger. I looked it up and that looks like exactly what I need. I'm glad I thought of that, lol. Thank you!
  7. I've decided to build a model of the family car, a 2013 Dodge Challenger. I'm starting with the Revell 2013 Challenger kit. My problem is the wheel/tire combo. The kit wheels aren't even remotely close. I started searching around, and the set in the Revell Dodge Magnum SRT8 kit looked pretty close....not perfect, but close, so I got one. Wrong. They're too big. Our car has 18" wheels, the Magnum wheels scale out to 21" and just look way too big. They would have the model sitting like a 4WD. So, does anyone know a kit that has the correct size wheels like this? Or something from the after
  8. Thanks, y'all! I'll try that scraping method, I never thought about that.
  9. Senoia, Georgia's Bubba Pollard is one of the hottest asphalt SLM drivers in the nation right now, and this is his 2015-2016 ride. Big Donkey resin SLM body on a modified AMT nascar chassis. Paint is Tamiya black and white, decals are from Speedway Decals. As per my usual style, built curbside. The next time I build one of these, I'm going to try to remove that aero thing on the rear window (the resin body uses all the glass from the Nascar kit.) . I wish I could paint those tiny stripes on the wheels, but every time I try it looks horrible. Any tips for that? And thanks for looking!
  10. My absolute favorite year for the Impala, and it looks good in that color. You did a good job. Makes me want to build another one.
  11. This is gorgeous, it's hard to beat a Lime-Light Road Runner! Can't wait to see it finished!
  12. Just used lots of Solvaset on the decals. Looking at it closer, I probably should go back and add a black wash to the vents. On the tires, those are Fireball's BFG big and little set, and they have raised letters. I've reached the age, however, where I can't detail paint that well anymore, so I used decals over the raised lettering. I love the look of Fireball's tires, but I'm not really crazy about whatever they're made out of....to me, they're too soft, practically impossible to sand those raised letters off. It looks ok from a distance, but up close it's definitely not perfect. It is
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