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  1. That kit's just begging for a few sheets of Bare Metal Foil 😁
  2. Looking good so far, except...ðŸ˜ĩ...that engine needs to go back almost a scale foot! IMO if you leave it where it is, the proportions are way off. If you decide to shorten the frame like Dave suggested, you might check the stock wheelbase on a '30. Anything shorter is going to look snub-nosed.
  3. Great choice of color Dennis, it suits the mods and the wheels/tires perfectly!
  4. Typically, the stock '34 frame would have been used under a '34 hot rod. If you're thinking in traditional terms, putting an earlier or later body on it, while uncommon, it could have been done. Back then many folks were building hot rods with what they could scrounge up. No problem with using the front suspension from the '32, but again, if you're thinking in traditional terms, and I-beam axle would be more common than the tube axle that comes in Revell's '32 kits.
  5. Most of my youth was spent at the commercial slot car tracks, so I'm quite familiar with that sound. I might enjoy these electric race cars more if they were like slot cars...they should turn up the volume to 11! They're too quiet!
  6. Oh man, I remember this! Just can't remember what it is/was ðŸĪŠ
  7. I was blown away by this when I first heard it at the end of the Sons of Anarchy finale. Still gives me the chills!
  8. I'm pretty sure it's 1/24th. Not positive if the scale is accurate because it was also a slot car and the dimensions may have been fudged to make room for the motor and brass frame.
  9. I just read my email from Atlantis. Old folks like myself might be interested in these two. Send them an email or a thumbs up on Facebook if you want them!
  10. I just got an email from Spotlight Hobbies that the dragster frame and Ford 427 are now available. https://www.spotlighthobbies.com/papaac.html
  11. That's a great build overall, but the Turbonique axle is awesome! Love it!
  12. That would be really weird seeing a car pull up with no one in it 😄
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