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  1. Nice Marty, I remember this one. I dig it! 👍
  2. Fast forward to the time when electric and/or self driving cars are the majority. Insert "Darkside" into the mix. I'm old and resistant to technology, but even so, would I be able to buy a self-driving car for the price of a used Honda in my lifetime?
  3. Nice! I like the side view, looks real aggressive with the stance and slicks on the back. A different take on this kit for sure. 🙂
  4. Nice job on the valve covers. 😁
  5. Or maybe he belongs to one of the Suzuki Swift owners clubs and they tell him how special it is?
  6. Your right about the windshield. But I don't know about the top overall, it sure looks chopped to me. And the top just looks real "thick" compared to the real thing.
  7. Thanks Randy! I made more mods later on, turn signals in the bumper, dechromed the hood and louvered the deck lid. I lowered the back several notches on the splines, and spent a whole lot of time with the front end. I raised the spring buckets a bunch, modified the shocks and used a different weight oil. It was sitting several inches lower than this picture and it rode super smooth! I did plenty of shows, the Bug-Ins at Baylands Raceway, yearly events with the Northern California Street Machine Assoc. and was in a Car Club till around 1980.
  8. Speaking of VW's.....This is my 71 Super Beetle in 1979. It was my daily driver (and only car) and I put on 250,000 miles before parking it. I finally got rid of it around 2008. Wish I hadn't! Sorry about all the blank space after the pic, not sure what happened there...
  9. Dang that's nice. I love how you've got the stance dialed in. Pretty impressive paintwork and photography too!
  10. Yep saw that! Well done KK, that's one outstanding model!! 👍
  11. I love the 90's big window Integras. And the '60 4 door Buicks with the wrap around window. My parent's bought one new.
  12. Wow that thing looks bad (and not in a good way) I think it would have been a lot more interesting if they'd kept the turbo motor and the Porsche inspired bodywork from 1973.
  13. It pains me everytime I think of things I've thrown away. In 1988 I initiated a divorce. The soon to be ex-wife took the completed models that I'd built as far back as 1962, placed them on the floor, and stomped on them. If that wasn't bad enough, I was too upset to look at them and threw most away, including a 64 Fairlane, a 66 Skylark, and a 67 Cougar. In 2006 I hadn't finished a model since that 1988 episode. I thought I was going to be forced to rent my home, and was not up to the task of packing and sorting a lot of things I'd kept for decades. I threw away dozens of vintage chassis
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