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  1. Thanks for the complements my friends. I will post all the fab work this build soon. Thanks Zed...
  2. Thank you Ira Mike and Zed for the comlements My friends. Mike none taken, It's all good. Zed I took the inspiration from Charlie Lopez But changed up the gull wings and made them full doors. I wanted to put spokes on it also but that would of put me in the lowrider catagory and I think it was more custome. I have a few more crazy Mercs on the table that will be just as crazy.
  3. Very nice looking Olds, a lot of nice detail. great paint.


    Very nice job, Love the factory new look. I need to build one soon.
  5. Very nice and clean build, Love the stance of it sitting on the ground.
  6. something different, way cool build.
  7. Nice and clean build.. Looks like a 1:1 in some photos.
  8. Very nice build detail and paint. Looks real good.
  9. Once again thank you all for your complements. they mean a lot when they are coming from fellow builders. Jason I will post some pics for you to see here soon. Mike I give credit where credit is due. But the Grill nuts and bolts and pinstrip are only 1% of this build. The nuts & Bolts no one sees them since they are so small but I know they are there, I could of put one of the many grill this kit comes with and the pinstrip was just the cherry on the cake. The long hours on all the fabrication the cutting everything to open hinging the doors hood trunk pancaking the hood roll panning the f
  10. Than you my friends Kane, DOC and Danno. yes for sure I will be there next year, I always enjoy taking the drive out AZ and hanging with fellow builders.
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