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  1. Nice looking Ranchero. I’m quite curious about this model. I never knew PMC. made anything like it.
  2. Very nicely done. The work on the top mechanism looks quite clean.
  3. Very nice Boss. Looks great in that shade of orange. Well done.
  4. Nice looking Mustang. As others have said, the colour really works well, and nice work laying it down.
  5. Beautiful Caddy. Very clean work. You really did that old model justice. How did you do the pinstriping on the hood?
  6. Classic! It looks just right. Nice details and good colour choices. Well done.
  7. Cool stuff, Mark. You're getting right into it. Scratchbuilding can be very satisfying work.
  8. I am quite intrigued with your work. It's interesting to see the process.
  9. Not bad at all. Lots of promise there. I'm curious about the undercoating of Krylon chrome. Is this just something you were experimenting with, or is it the proper method?
  10. Very nice, jj. That’s one of the coolest Camaros I’ve ever seen. Nice realism in those outdoor shots. I like!
  11. Great looking stocker, John. Not the most flashy race car perhaps, but beautiful in it's 'all business' appearance. Nice work on those decals, too. Well done.
  12. Very nice build! I love seeing these old sports car kits built up, especially when they look this good. Very well done.
  13. That is a seriously good looking set of bars, Francis. They look perfect poking out from under the rear body work. Excellent!
  14. Good save. Nice looking model. Certainly worth the effort to get it right.
  15. Bainford

    1958 Ford

    Wow. I can't remember the last time I've seen one of these, but it's been a very long time. Nice work. The colours work perfectly. Cool.
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