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  1. It has found a good home, thanks for all the views.
  2. Greets plastiholics, I am in need of a set of Monogram 1939 Chevrolet headlight buckets and any stands that they might sit on. They can be from either the coupe or the panel, doesn't matter. Any floating around out there? Steve
  3. I bet you'd be surprised at how popular a cab this would be. Might have to tackle it myself.
  4. Still have this hanging around. Don't want much for it, just something I'll use.
  5. Both of these have gone to forever homes, to borrow a pet analogy.
  6. Do what you like but when it's the only game in town sometimes ya gotta grin and bear it. I couldn't really afford the Futurliner when I bought it but I'm sure glad I did otherwise I wouldn't have one. Cardinal rule of thumb with resin. Buy it when you see it because you might not see it again...Modelhaus being a PRIME example.
  7. I bought one of his Futurliner bodies and it really looks nice. Now to get all of the interior parts that are offered by Shapeways and I'll be set.
  8. Traded one, still have one, any interest??
  9. And I must reciprocate. Larry came thru and helped me a lot. Thanks Larry.
  10. As do I, I build fire apparatus and I have many pics of rigs with this cab. I have 2 of Rookie Resin's V-6s that I want to make into one of the GMC V-12s. RR even 3D printed some V-12 fender emblems for me. Now I just need the cab....
  11. To be honest, I have about 8 of these. I have no problem trading one for the grille.
  12. Would the parts pack Grilles and Bumpers help you?
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