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  1. That's really all you'd need......guess I have a new search to add.
  2. Does anyone produce the parts to change an AMT 1950 Chevrolet P/U to a GMC grille? I'm always on the hunt to build something different and I have seen so many GMC trucks that would be nice to reproduce. Thanks.
  3. Pennsylvania seems to have the biggest percentage of non-red fire apparatus of all colors that I have ever encountered.
  4. I am interested in trying to shoot Molotow chrome thru my airbrush. For those of you who do, what do you buy? Is it the 30ML refill and then spray that? If so, is it sprayed right out of the bottle or is it thinned any and with what? Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
  5. I keep seeing Modelhaus products on the auction site asking ridiculously high prices. Are any of these really selling for those? I know Modelhaus made great stuff but, really, 500-600 dollars for a kit....I can't afford that so I wonder if anyone is really paying this much for one. Steve
  6. I'm fairly certain I saw the pictured Dodge cab in resin. I can't remember who produced it though. Does anyone know?? Thanks!
  7. Outstanding. I like a lot of the products that Frontier offers.
  8. So looking forward to progress pics, I'm planning something along these lines myself. Every time I see a vintage wrecker at a show or in the wild, I always take many detail pictures of the bed and lift mechanism.... Steve
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