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  1. A year ago today, I was charging my camera batteries and clearing my SD cards to prepare for Motorama Toronto. I have been attending car shows since 1963 and have been a part since 1964 when I had my first model car display. I started showing a friend's full size cars in 1970 and worked as a producer's assistant since 1974 at Motion Auto Shows. I still do shows now although mostly as a photographer. Since the show was cancelled, maybe some pictures from past shows will cheer you up and keep you happy for a few minutes Enjoy... https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/motorama-2020/ htt
  2. I have wanted the Autoart Corvette Manta Ray for a long time but when they show up, they are too expensive, until this weekend. A local guy was selling this and I jumped at it, If you haven't see this car in real life or in scale, it is stunning. Yes, it is the 1966 era Mako Shark (remember the MPC kit) rebuilt. The details, the overall proportions and the finish are very good. While I was there, he also had a few other cars that I picked up, well, I was already there
  3. I have the Gunze GTO and Bob Dudek gave me the Revell Germany kit with lots of extra detail parts. Interesting that the two bodies are different, so maybe not the same serial number GTOs. Watching yours come together is very educational. As for the convertible...I was at the Concours of America many years ago for the Ferrari 40th anniversary and someone showed up with a Daytona 365GT convertible. They checked the serial number against the factory list, then disqualified the car from the Concours, made him park away from the show field. He told the organizer that he had the car converted
  4. FYI...Rustoleum has owned Testors for a long time, both being part of a larger company, RPM. They announced the end of the Testors line last year so this is not new.
  5. This kit should be a big seller, not only for us over 50 guys but also for the youngsters who are catching on to 1960s cars. There are many possibilities for this kit with some simple parts swapping. I see mine with wire wheels (65 Riv), lowered, scallop paint, maybe even a bubble top If this one sells well, maybe we will see some other vintage kits reborn. Thanks for sharing the kit Tim.
  6. When 'Scale Modeling by Chris' was around, before he passed away, he made a 25th scale telephone booth. You could also check with doll house stores for 12th scale.
  7. This is a Modelhaus teardrop trailer in resin that I covered in Bare Metal Foil about 35 years ago. Over time, the foil has crinkled a bit but it still looks like aluminum because BMF is aluminum A few years ago, I did the Van Zinger in BMF also.
  8. Super Clean was sold off by Castrol several years ago. Purple Power is a Walmart weaker version. I am in Canada and most stores only carry Super Clean. Fill a plastic container with Super Clean, then drop the chrome parts in the Super Clean and walk away. If your container has a top, put it on, prevents splashing, spilling, cats drinking it. Also, make sure you wear gloves to protect your skin as it may cause burns or other problems, especially if you have a cut. I have used Super Clean to remove chrome and paint and found that after about 30 cars, it gets weak
  9. I have been part of this 24 Hour Build since 2009 and several others before with local groups. It is always a challenge to find the right kit and then get it finished. This year I chose the Airfix Aston Martin DB5, curbside kit. As I don't have a spray booth where I am staying, I had to allow time to go to my apartment and do the painting, also why I choose a curbside kit. The colours are as follows: Tamiya Racing Green (from a 1962 ad) body; Tamiya Black chassis and interior bucker; Tamiya Gunmetal chassis bits; Tamiya Red Primer seats & dash. Add in a bit of Bare Metal Foil and the car
  10. Last week I picked up 10 Corvette kits, some of them painted by a decent painter I polished a few of the cars and started to assemble them. There are 6 2005 Corvette kits, so he must have really liked them, and they are all different colours. Here is one I am assembling and a few others that will follow.
  11. I picked up these two custom made 6 slot shelves today. Soft wood, strong enough for model cars. Each slot is 12 inches x 4 x 4, big enough for almost any car in my collection, as you can see by the display. Made by Dan in Port Hope, who advertises on Facebook Marketplace.
  12. Out of the bath, still needs some cleaning, even the trailer is good
  13. Question - has anyone ever made a transkit to turn the old Hubley (re-issued many times) into a Bentley? It should have a new grille, rad ornament, lights, logos, wheels. Thanks.
  14. One of the race guys makes this 3D printed Mosport display, about 13 inches from Turn 1 to Turn 5, about 8 inches from Turn 3 to Turn 7, complete with elevations. I really like it If you have never been to Mosport, it is a very interesting and exciting track to drive and watch. There is NO level piece of track, even the pit straight slopes down to Turn 1. The elevation difference from the pit straight to the dip between Turns 4 & 5 is about 125 feet; even exiting 4 has a drop of about 75 feet. Watching it on television may not give you the full effect but going around in a race car will.
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