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  1. The wagon under the front of the 50's Cadillac in the first picture is a 66 Mercury Colony Park. 67 Cadillac poking up through the dirt.
  2. It sort of reminded me of some of the colors Porsche used in the mid 70s. My Dad called them "baby BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH colors." Earlier in the day I saw another one that was difficult to recognize at first. It was sort of a lime yellow color and the leading edges of the side scoops were body color.
  3. At the Southern California Cougar Club meeting today. A guy showed up for the meeting with the 65 Cyclone. The "Pimiento Olive" C8 was in the parking lot.
  4. Interesting. I was at a LHS yesterday and the manager showed me a couple of really old parts packs someone had given him. One was the dragster frame pictured here and the other was the Mooneyes dragster frame. Prices on the packages were 49 cents and 69 cents, respectively. He had them hanging on the wall behind the counter, not for sale.
  5. Their ad in my local paper says the 40% off kits deal is in effect this week.
  6. That's good to hear Pete. Dealers in Southern California would load them up with aftermarket stuff and raise the prices. If you didn't like it, too bad. Thank you for your service.
  7. Most owners never got the chance to change them out. Dealers would install aftermarket wheels and other accessories at inflated prices to increase their profit on a high-demand car.
  8. Next time I go out there. It's a drag car with a one-piece fiberglass front end. Didn't get much of a chance to look at it.
  9. I've been wanting to get one of these for years. Scored it on the 'bay last night.
  10. Driver Ed cars at my high school were 70 Plymouth Sport Furies. Also drove my parents' 65 Mercury Colony Park and 68 Montego MX 2-door J-code.
  11. A friend of mine owns these. 68 Torinos have 428CJs, the 71 has a 429, al regularly driven. The 64 Park Lane is a project.
  12. Mike, you can order direct from Atlantis. Atlantis Plastic Model kits Made in the USA! (atlantis-models.com)
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