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  1. I am not surprised your model received that kind of positive attention at the show- your meticulous building style and your ability to turn each individual part into a model in and of itself is amazing. Combine that with the overall scale realism you achieve, and they just had to recognize your work. Beautiful build, and I am glad it got the attention it deserves. I am looking forward to your next creation.
  2. I believe Model Car Garage did the photoetched grills for Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland (stock height or chopped '32 Ford style), who then included them with their resin grill surrounds. I don't believe they did a stock-style Model A grill. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/replicas-and-miniatures-company-maryland-rh-414-32-ford-chopped-grille--1291980 R&MoM's headers should work: https://public.fotki.com/IceMan555/resin-archives/replicas-miniatures/all/41-470808281128.html Bob's photoetch and Norm's resin parts are both first rate.
  3. Thank you- I am going to have to try that.
  4. Phenomenal build. I love every single part of it. Tell me about who makes that shade of red.
  5. I believe it is supposed to be a generic MOPAR small block, simulating a 340.
  6. Alclad II has a few colours that may be close. https://alclad2.com/finishes/regular/ You might get pretty close mixing these two, or overcoating one with the other: https://alclad2.com/finishes/regular/alc-113-jet-exhaust/ https://alclad2.com/finishes/regular/alc-123-exhaust-manifold/
  7. Tamiya Racing White is closer to what you see in this example. If you have an airbrush and want to experiment, you can buy the bottled LP series Tamiya Lacquers (White, Racing White) and mix them together to tone down the brightness of the white and incorporate some of the ivory shades for a final colour more in between the two. Vintage reference paint chips can change colour over time, and lighting/camera will skew the colour of photographed subjects. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tamiya-color-lacquer-10ml/lacquer-lp-2-white/10ml-bottle/ https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tamiya-color-lacquer-10ml/lacquer-lp-39-racing-white/10ml-bottle/
  8. Wow- your candy red paint job really pops on the '57. Excellent job, it looks great.
  9. I have a few of the Bare Metal scribers. One with quite a bit of wear on it plus a brand new one. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/bare-metal-foil-bmf003-panel-scriber--321399 I haven't tried the Tamiya scriber, but will give it a shot if I can locate one locally.
  10. The majority of the time I scribe panel lines to deepen them, it raises the surrounding areas a bit. I like to use a sanding stick as a scale "long board" to true up panels on either side of the line that was scribed before paint. You won't be able to take care of this detail after paint, and depending on how much distortion you see in the plastic surrounding your scribed panel lines it may end up requiring some sanding and a repaint to look correct under subsequent coats.
  11. Dry pearl pigments will show best in clear coats or in transparent paints like pure candy colours. They will show a little bit in translucent metallic paints, but the effects will be subdued. Opaque paints will cover up any pearl additives you might stir into them and be a waste of time. If you will be spraying a white lacquer base, a compatible lacquer clear will be the best medium to carry the pearl pigments over top of that.
  12. I believe a .7 tip should do the job, as long as your clear is thinned properly to flow out without pooling/running and you don't overload it with flake (which can give a textured finish if you use too much). Some test sprays on a scrap body should help you dial in how much pearl is too much without using your model as a test bed.
  13. If you have an air brush, you can add your own pearl powder to Tamiya clear. You can get different pearl powders from Michaels, Hobby Lobby or even Amazon in a variety of colours and flake sizes. My recommendation would be to start off with less powder per paint jar of clear than you think you will need, and build it up in coats rather than try to get the effect with one heavy pearl-laden coat. https://www.jacquardproducts.com/pearl-ex
  14. I am really liking that paint job, along with the combo for the interior colour. Nice work so far.
  15. LP ;fe \ \ ppppppppppppppp Edit- disregard. Cat on keyboard
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