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  1. That color combo really pops- great clean work, nice mods and aftermarket add-ons. The finished model sure looks the part. Great job.
  2. Tamiya semi-gloss black? (lacquer spray can, acrylic bottle) I used quite a bit of that Model Master black chrome over the years (usually air brushed), and hitting any gloss black or flat black spray with a few coats of semi-gloss overcoat yielded a similar look, with lacquers being more durable for handling purposes over the Model Master enamel which always remained relatively soft. While the enamel certainly had it's place, you should be able to switch to a new product and end up with something that works at least as well.
  3. New for the European market in a Revell AG boxing? Who knows...the old Monogram issue was not a bad kit IIRC.
  4. That is looking really good so far...
  5. Nice job. I see you threw in a bonus poem 😂
  6. I really like this build, and look forward to seeing how the paint job is going to look under the pearl clear.
  7. Everything I see so far is incredible. I am staying tuned.
  8. Truly an excellent build. I love the chop, the stance, the powertrain enhancements, the hood mods (to go around the headers), rad support rods. The paint choice is very nice. Your work goes together just right for a nice period look.
  9. That is looking extremely good so far. I was impressed by the 1:1 when that movie came out, and it looks like you are doing that 1:1 justice.
  10. Looks good- try some polish before abrasives
  11. ^^ this. If you are using Testors enamels, they take an extremely long time to fully "dry" beyond just an outer skin on the paint. If there is enough solvent in your second color, this will dissolve that dried skin pretty quickly. A good solution would be to use an acrylic for the amber lens color (such as Tamiya). The solvents shouldn't impact those in the Testors silver, and you can flow enough amber in to simulate a lens.
  12. Man, is this build shaping up to be awesome or what? It is already looking great, and those custom hood sides will take it over the top. I have often eyeballed that Tamiya green, and wondered what it would look good on. Now I know.
  13. The last can I bought was found in Burnaby (BC) years ago. I don't believe I have seen it since. Hobby shops that carry RC car bodies and supplies would be where I would focus the search. https://www.pmhobbycraft.ca/mirror-chrome-paint-aerosol.html Amazon has it too- at more than double the price 😕 https://www.amazon.ca/Spaz-Stix-Ultimate-Aerosol-3-5-Ounce/dp/B0015H1FGA
  14. That chop on the Plymouth sure changes its attitude- looks downright angry (and nice color choice).
  15. Oh no- I have never had this kit in-hand, so no idea what the missing spindles look like. Is it possible to scratchbuild what is missing based on the front + rear you do have?
  16. gman

    1970 Chevelle

    Again with the excellent custom paint work and colour choice that works so well with the model's body lines- clean build. That HoK paint just glows.
  17. That patina paint job sure tells a story. I love how this build turned out.
  18. That sounds like a great kind of happy accident. I love the paint job, looks great. A "parchment" interior with black accents (dash, carpet, parcel shelf) may go very nicely with your custom shade of paint.
  19. ^^ larger photos of the same build, a member here on this forum. I would say that is an excellent burnt orange metallic type of colour, and it looks like it laid down really well for the builder. I like it.
  20. That is looking awesome. The tail light work was well worth your time to nail the OEM + improvements restomod look. I am loving your build so far.
  21. Another beautiful color choice on another well-built model. Kudos.
  22. The way your model sits looks sooooo right. Add in the flathead, whitewalls, target era of the build- I really like what you are doing with this one.
  23. A promising start- it looks like the paint you used laid down very nicely
  24. If the quality of the project yields parts as nice as your other offerings, I would still consider seeing it through!
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