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  1. A '69-'70 Cougar's roof (incl windshield opening) is wider than that on the '67-'68 Cougar. Ditto for the same year Mustangs, so one would be best to use a '67-'68 Mustang (or Shelby) to make a '67-'68 Cougar fastback, while it would be best to use a '69-'70 Mustang's roof to make a '69-'70 Cougar fastback. The rear glass from a '68-'69 Torino fastback could be used in lieu of a '69-'70 Mustang for a '69-'70 Cougar fastback. . . re: the rear spoiler / wing on your Cougar, it would look better w/out it, or you could use a modest, molded-in place rear decklid spoiler - perhaps even not quit
  2. Thanks for the info. Those are the headlights that I'm after. And, it looks like there are other parts such as side trim, bumpers, grill surround, tail lights, hub caps, windshield frame, dash board & interior panels, etc., that could be useful for kitbashing. Gotta get that diecast. . .Again, thanks!
  3. Does anyone know of a source for resin (or plastic) '55 Olds headlight buckets & trim rings in 1/25 scale)?. Want to use separate clear headlights in them, so old promo parts won't work for me. They were a popular headlight found on many customs back in the day. . .
  4. (all 1/25th scale) - some of these could be based on existing tooling, or most of the bits in existing kits - some are but wishful thinking, but 'ya never know. Also, some on this list have been done before, but not anywhere up to today's standards. . .) '56 Chevy Bel Air hardtop & convert '55 Chevy Nomad - new tooling, please! '70 AAR Cuda / 'Cuda 340 (optional to build either in same kit) '55 Ford T-Bird '57 Ford Ranchero '57-'58 Studebaker Golden Hawk '62 Pontiac Grand Prix '63-'64 Studebaker Hawk GT (w/ engine options: R2. R3, & R4, plus bits to do Granatelli's Bonneville r
  5. As always you are way too modest. Your '69 Chevelle looks incredible! btw - I've seen other custom decals that Tommy has done, and his artwork is spot-on, and the quality ls excellent. Take a look here: http://www.speedwaydecals.com/
  6. This illustration is more or less a composite of an evolving design study that was actually done by Bob Koto who had been working on alternate designs, along w/ Bob Bourke, during the early stages of designing what was only to have been just a show car, but later was developed into the '53 Studebaker coupe & hardtop (ref "Studebaker's Finest" by John Bridges pgs 46-52). It was done up as a 1/4 scale clay model - just one side of the car - while Bob Bourke worked on his ideas on the other side of the same clay model. The hint of a bullet nose can be seen - that was Bourke's idea that wa
  7. There's much misinformation as who designed what @ Studebaker in the late '40s thru the mid '50s. . .Raymond Lowey was under contract w/ Studebaker during that period. Lowey was a promoter-type razzle-dazzle showman, and grabbed all the glory for any successful design work that came out of his studio - even if he hadn't anything to do w/ those designs. He was not prone to share any of the glory w/ his talented employees, either. That also pertains to his studio's industrial design work, and the massive, art-deco styled locomotives he 'designed' for the Pennsylvania RR. To give prope
  8. More photos, please! That's an awesome build!
  9. Incredibly realistic looking - esp the beautiful paint & chrome work! My very first car (when I was 17 yrs old) was a low mileage, but very rusty, '54 Commander post-coupe that I paid '50. for in 1962, That car taught me all about Bondo and how to rummage thru junkyards. Many of my high school mates laughed when I told them I bought a Stude - that is, until they saw it in done up in flat black primer (that I shot thru a jury-rigged, reverse-flow old Electrolux torpedo-shaped vacuum cleaner). And, it never failed to start, even in below zero winters in upstate NY. I custom
  10. The way that you did the windshield frame on your model is perhaps the best that I've seen to date on AMT's '51 Chevys, as that's been a 'problem' area on this kit, and other versions of AMT's '51 Chevys. A super clean build, overall!
  11. Totally agree w/ everyone else's comments - beautiful color combination, and the interior is especially terrific!
  12. Beautiful work! Maroon paint & wood - tough color combo to improve on. . .
  13. Greg - If you haven't already placed a dehumidifier in your Mom's basement, you should seriously consider doing that. . . Make sure to size the dehumidifier to the square footage of the basement. It won't remove any existing mold, but it should stunt the growth of any new mold from forming as long as you keep it running to maintain a humidity level around 50-60%. Mold only grows if an environment is humid enough to support it's growth. Quality dehumidifiers are designed to run continuously, if needed. I recommend Whirlpool dehumidifiers due to personal experience w/ that brand in
  14. Very clean workmanship; it looks super realistic, and it's hard to believe that it's only 1/24th scale!
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