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  1. The job I just recently left was with a county environmental enforcement agency that shared a building with the health department. The taco trucks had to come by periodically for a full inspection by the food inspectors, and would line up in the corner of our parking lot in the general vicinity where I parked once a week, every week. Most did not know where they were going, and many could not maneuver their vehicles becuase it was probably the only time they moved, even though regulations required them to return to 'home base' daily for cleaning and re-supplying. Weekly, there was somethin
  2. The suggestion to leave is a nice cherry on the sundae Mike was talking about.
  3. I propose we start a sub forum for models finished in colors. Modelers have been using colors for decades now, and they're becoming more popular. I feel models done in colors should have their own section so that they can be brought to the forefront and enjoyed. Building models in colors is not just a fad. I love building models in colors and everyone else should too.
  4. Revell MINI, built in about 3 days. It didn't fall together, but I didn't have too much trouble with it. Hot Wheels Morris Mini, stripped and repainted. I bought a couple more to do, and have the new Hot Wheels MINI Challenge stripped and almost ready for paint as well. In the to-do pile, I have the Tamiya Monte Carlo Rally Mini and the Morris Mini, and a 1/43 Heller Mini. I'd like to get a couple of the Fujimis, the other Tamiya racing Mini I don't have, and the Hasegawa MINI Countryman. Here's my girlfriend's 1:1 '11 Clubman.
  5. They weren't competitive because they weren't "officially" participating in racing at that time. Read this: http://www.chevyhard...f-and-on-again/ And as a former Chevelle owner, I think the 68-72 Chevelles would be more aerodynamic going backwards.
  6. What does being a cab driver have to do with anything?
  7. That person probably doesn't have a good grasp of the English language.
  8. This truck took a third place in basically the same category (Street Machine) at an IPMS show. It beat out several other cars (I can't remember how many, maybe a dozen) that had gloss and satin finishes, and some of the gloss finishes weren't very well executed, some were. The two entries that took first and second were both done by Steve Boutte, a master at painting in my opinion, and I don't remember what cars they were, but I'd bet they were flawless. A judge told me the reason it beat the other entries is because I had listed my work with the entry card, including a chop, channel, lower
  9. I'm not sure how you can call it a two door or four door anyway, when it doesn't have any doors.
  10. A few were run as road race cars when they were new- Photos from: http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/photo/Lincoln/Mark%20VII.html
  11. If you're looking for me thru Forza 4, that might be because I don't have it yet. If you're trying to friend me just on XBox Live, check your spelling- I'm on there.
  12. I ordered the limited edition from Toys R Us because I waited too long to get an in-store pre-order anywhere around... The email I got said it should arrive between the 17th and 19th, so I'm sitting on the sidelines til then... Not really a big deal, as I wouldn't have much time to play it this week or weekend anyway. My GT is EchoBravoSierra.
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