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  1. escort500xl@inbox.com http://my.inbox.com/photos/escort500xl/index.aspx http://wm40.inbox.com/thumbs/20_1c2ae1_2de1c7ed_tn.jpg.thumb its 7.00 bucks!!! iam good friends with don !!! tell him mike aka blackwidow1119 gave you the link and his email address thanks
  2. my lil girl having heart surgery Thursday !!! has ASD witch is large atrial septal defect (ASD) or patent foramen ovale (passage between the left and right atria) must exist to allow oxygenated blood to flow to the left side of the heart and rest of the body. please prayer for her!!!!
  3. what red did you use??? i used pepper red on mine!!!!
  4. mikeD1

    '37 Chevy

    where did you get the paint at???
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