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  1. Len, the 68-69 is indeed a rare catch these days. One can only assume that original production numbers were quite low? Maybe not many got built because of the stated "lack of details" put forward by a few.....Now finally, I can add my two cents to that argument. ? After what seems like half a life time searching and wanting one of these kits so badly, I was ready to give my first borne....but, without such bargaining tender, I had to resort to cash/card. ? The quality of the body appears quite good, as for accuracy, I can only say that it looks good to my eye. I haven't done measurem
  2. It had been pretty much clear sailing until about this time....I did a test fit with the head tacked in place and realized that I had made it too fat. No custom work is without its headaches. There is absolutely NO info anywhere on the net regarding physical sizes for this motor, so it's all been eye-ball engineered....Guess my eyes need adjusting too. Anyway, I trimmed around 3mm from down the centre of the head and rocker... Once I had that sorted, I could move on to the exhaust system. 3.2mm solid solder for primary tubes, into home made 3-pipe collectors.
  3. The battery received a bit of detailing too as I wasn't keen on the way it looked. New base with hold down bolts were added, home printed battery logo and some 1/16 aluminium posts added. And.....locked in!! Also printed off some body ID tags. Started to add some grime down under...New fuel line and pump fitted to boost performance. New fuel distribution block installed into engine bay. Another home printed decal for it too.. Continues...
  4. One aspect of these kits I have never come to terms with, is how they divided the radiator support panel and the firewall between chassis and body.... My remedy has been to separate the top section of the firewall from the body, then add it on to the chassis. Add some extra braced ridges...done! The radiator support scored a complete new top section plus added detail. Moving on, I made some brake line components, "T" piece, proportioning valve and distribution block. Splashed some colour around and started laying down some brake lines and fuel lines. Clamps were f
  5. Early stages of the special twin-cam head. Twin-cam rocker cover with lettering from Plastruct, and a test fit in the engine bay. (Early attempts at engine mounts....Changing angles of the motor was a drama. LOL ) Continues....
  6. Hey guys, another large scale 1:12 Tamiya Datsun on the work bench. This one is actually a fantasy build of one of Datsun's rare cars, the Z432. The name was derived from the engine specs, 4 valve, 3 carburetor and 2 camshafts. It was a 2 litre inline 6 cylinder. Started with a Safari edition for this one as it has the standard body without the longer G-nose. I will use parts of a 240ZG kit for interior bits like seats and dash. Only addition will be the ZG over-fenders, because I like 'em. As the majority of the work is going to be around the motor, I chose to start there.
  7. Dann, thanks so much mate. Bruce, cheers mate. Jesse, thanks mate. Wheels set here. https://www.hiroboy.com/112_16_Watanabe_8_Spoke_Wheels_set_of_4--product--11836.html Thanks Rob, not many pics from under her, but I have this one. Thank you Bill. Thank you too Trevor Myrus, Donald, Bo, Trevor, Jason, Ray, Ismael, Anders T, Matthew, Tyler, Bruce, Chris, MARTY, Peter, Oscar, Cliff and Steve. LOL, thanks WIlliam, pleased you liked that sticker. Ashley Jones, cheers mate. I've actually kicked off on another one...About to start a WIP for it. Started a
  8. Dennis, thank you so much mate, your kind comment is very much appreciated. Casey, thank you too mate. Yes, I do have multiples. lol James, thanks so much, that's a sweet looking ride too. Sorry for the late response too, I hope you see the link which Casey so kindly put up for me. They are amazing wheels. Haha, thank you Bruce. You might be pleased to know that the build you pictured is still "in the works"!! LOL. Hope to get more done on it this year, though that's closing in quick too. I have started another......dare I even say that.
  9. So, this is kinda new to me, don't recall ever finishing a build and adding it here. lol Tamiya 1:12 Datsun 240Z.....with a twist. LS3 motor printed by Shapeways, drawn by a good friend. Custom Queensland registration plates printed on my home computer. Also added a Queensland Transport "mode plate" into the engine bay to cover the motor swap. Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, the whole build process can be viewed here. Greg
  10. Thanks so much Jim, Ashley, Dan and Oscar. Well, paint got sprayed, though not entirely happy with it, I am happy. Been way too long since my last large scale....lol Also made some of my own decals for it. New exhaust getting a trial fit. New completed photos will be in the gallery section shortly. Thank you for stopping by.
  11. Anticipated there may be an issue fitting the hood....but I had a contingency plan. Finally on four wheels... And with the over-fenders fitted. Hoping to get some colour thrown at it in the coming weeks. Comments and critique welcome, thanks for looking.
  12. Some mods were made to the manifold before installation... Ready to drop in... Wheels and tyres freshly made by a good friend in Japan. All 3D created, cast in resin. Continued....
  13. Hey guys, been a while since I last visited, still gluing parts and no, still not completed a build in about 7 or 8 years..... This particular Datto was started around 3 years, eight months ago....It's been an idea of mine ever since I saw a real one get built. The "other 3" are still in a holding pattern.... Heart of the build is of course, an LS3 motor. Had to make all the accessories as mine was the first motor sold and it was before all the extras were drawn up...Oh well, good practice. New OBX cross-ram manifold. Exhaust headers custom made
  14. Still one of my favourite builds Jim, love this car so much. Outstanding finish on the paint work too.
  15. Hey Ralphy, I'm back. The green beast looks amazing on here mate, the pics are nice and easy to see.
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