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  1. There is a really giant face in one and cat in another.... ha. Good stuff.
  2. Looking really good, I hope you figure a way to keep it going.
  3. Wow, a lot of work, but that black one does look really good...
  4. I use solid lids too, but either way, it still dries out very quickly once you get it in the bottle. after 2 or 3 days, half a bottle will start to go bad and the settling on the bottom is the worst part. I like siphon feed too because I like to shake it now and then and I'm always turning it at angles. I would make such a mess with gravity feed that I've never tried it. Either way, it seems to me that there is just as much clean up required, right ?
  5. That came out really nice.
  6. Good one. Just a matter of time till that became available, right ?
  7. Incredible. Maybe you'll get some interest back in it.
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