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  1. Thankyou for the comment's guy's I appreciate them. Regards Tony.
  2. I have not posted for a while,this took me about 18 month's to build on and off.it started as the thurn and taxis show truck from revell I decided to use the sleeper from the canepa kit and slightly modified it. the tank's are from mt part's box,I filled the join lines amd made them all one peice,I also did ther same with the air cleaner barrel's and used BMF around the strap's. On the exhaust stack's I drilled out every hole and used aluminium tubing to finish them off,the antenna's are guitar wire,the mudflap's are from a material I found at a craft store and is simular to rubber. T
  3. Hi mate,yes it is the AMT kit. Cheers Tony.
  4. Thank's for the complimaent's guy's I appreciate them. Cheers Tony.
  5. Thank's for the compliment's guy's. Cheers Tony.
  6. I built this late last year,I pancaked the hood and moulded the rear tailgate I also made the the lakes pipes, The tyre's and wheel's are from my part's box and I finshed them off with walls,the colour's are tamiya's white pearl and light blue pearl. Thank's for looking. Cheers Tony.
  7. I built this as a no big name car just something you would put together and go racing. The donar kit I used was the Tony Nancy Loner,I made my own radius rod's out of aluminum rod as I have never been happy with the one's from the kit. The wheel pant's I got from a friend of mine and the rear body section and cowl I got from comp resin's,I also put a bigger dish on the rear wheel's. Paint is candy apple red finished with gold pinstriping and automotive clear. Cheers Tony.
  8. has not set their status

  9. Thanks mate I am glad you like it.

    Cheers Tony.

  10. Gday mate , you gota take that b model to tumut model show in april next year , youll blow there minds .c u mate , scummy .

  11. Ok a little bit about this build,I used the the Revell Mickey Thompson Grandam chassis and running gear for this. The topo body is from comp resins.but I cut the front off and I had to rework it to suit the chassis,the tinwork I used from the funny car that I had to rework and modifyto suit the topo body. The fuel cell is also from comp's,in front of it I had to make a support for the grille surrond the firewall is also scratch built. The wing is scratch built and so is it's support's,I also made the chute lines as well. I had the nitro frenzy made up by a friend of mine and the go
  12. I got the insparation for this one from a cover of a book bought out in the 70s called Big Rigs and dedicated this as well to my father who was and old bulldog driver and passed away with dementia The Body and chassis I got here in Australia and are both resin,I drilled out the moulded in headlights and replaced them with one's from my parts box I finished the grille and light erea in bare metal foil. The front bar is also from my part's box as are the mirror's and ariels and roof marker lights and turn signal's,the aircon unit and the windsheild stone guard are scratch built as are the
  13. I built this from the hauler and Truck kit,I converted it to RHD and used the Gauge bezel from the 59 belair,the seat is from the 57 belair and tilted the hood forward amd smoothed the body. Thanks for looking. Cheers Tony.
  14. I built this with most bit's from my part's box thank's for looking. Cheers Tony.
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