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  1. Wow! Thanks from a year later. Wish I could find a hyundai Kona to match my real one.
  2. I'm going to move forward with this Revell blob. We'll see what comes out. I'll keep searching ebay, but not much hope. I am not going to spend big money on this project when the real truck needs parts. It's just a big model project to me. Then I get to drive the big one too.
  3. I know that one is out there, but it would be a search and wait and cost might be more than I can justify.
  4. Those are slightly different. They represent the 14" wheels and the trim rings go almost up to the cap. I did look at them. Thanks for mentioning them. Was going to use them if nothing else available, but the MAD resins mentioned above are even closer to mine. Now if I could find a proper bedside...
  5. Earlier this year, I bought an 81 Ford F150 Ranger Explorer Styleside - enough words in the name of truck? Shortbed 302 with 5 spd conversion (M5OD-R2). I am going to attempt to build my truck. I have a junk F350 duallie (I think) that will contribute front suspension and other parts. I have posted in "Wanted" for the F250 bed, whcih would be easier to work with than the duallie bed. The real bodies were pretty close other than wheel openings that went round in 87. I did buy an extra cab for the body sides - it will take a lot of hacking/bashing. We'll see if I can make anything.
  6. Very nice build. I went the easy route and bought the DM diescast. That's my holy grail car.
  7. Here's some stuff from my build - sounds much like yours. I don't have any completion photos though. My photos never go in the right order. I primed with silver of some sort apparently - looks like I had the red body as well. Paint is testors out of can, but I might have decanted it to airbrush. That would be my guess. Basic engine photos - then you hide it all with the body. Interior is nice enough to spend some time on. I found a site with this exact car that had lots of reference photos.
  8. Just as it says - I need a bed from the 91 Ford F250. Non duallie version. I think that will work to cut in some 80s fenders to reproduce my 81 F 150. THe real trucks were basically same except fender opening shapes. I have a junk duallie, but could use the regular bed.
  9. Cool. I found some On Fireball's site for Mustangs which are closer on the actual hubcap, I think, but the ones you sent are closer on the whole deal. And they got a trans that looks close to my later 5 spd. THanks
  10. I am going to attempt to build a model of my truck. I *think* I've seen these before in a kit, but not sure which kit. Anyone have any ideas or any they want to part with? Thanks
  11. Dodge trucks are TOUGH, no matter what. LOL.
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